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Hannah Beaconsfield



New York City, NY 10021
United States




Hannah Beaconsfield


Books by Hannah Beaconsfield: WELCOME TO PLANET EARTH Channeled information addressed to Lightworkers, Walk-ins, and Starseeds. ISBN 0-929385-98-5 $15.00 RIDING THE PHEONIX: Surviving the Global Resurrection. Channeled guidance for the coming Earth changes and the ascension of human consciousness. ISBN 0-7388-6346-7 $20.00 Books are available from amazon.com and can be ordered through any book store. ISBN

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Hannah Beaconsfield is a metaphysician, channel, and author. Her books cover a wide range of topics: Guidance for Healers, Communication with Animals, Demystifying Channeling, the Walk-in Process, Extraterrestrial Connections and more.

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