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Heidi DiMatteo



KEIZER, OR 97303
United States






Psychic Readings for you or your pet.Advice on how you can have an abundant, healthy, loving life. IT IS YOUR RIGHT TO BE HAPPY. Fear inhibits your life. Fear = False Evidence Appearing Real. I accept only good I remember only good I expect only good I want only good for myself and others

Profile and Credentials        

I have been pyschic since childhood. I sense, feel, hear and see messages from my guides. I have not needed formal training, this is something I have experienced all my life. I am trained in the medical field as a diagnostic technetion,I worked for eight years with the elderly with dementia who were dying giving me more insight into health issues.

Philosophy and Comments        

I believe we are all psychic, some are just more attuned to the immpressions around us. Our emotions sometimes block our guides advice. Fear in our lives, is our greatest enemy. My job is to help you get past the fear by passing on information from your guides to help you have peace, abundance, and happiness in your life.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

I work by email. This allows me to meditate on each question and give a fuller more complete answer. You can send as many questions as you need, with as little or full explanation as you feel neccessary. I charge $45 per session regardless of how many questions you have. I check my email daily after meditation and will respond as soon as possible. I use pay pal, for payment.





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