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Chantal Lemire M.A.

Chantal Lemire MA


Ottawa, Ontario Canada
T: (613)864-HEAL(4325)



Get Results!

Feel calm and centered

Release negative emotions and patterns

Improve your relationships

Experience increased energy

Make the link between your body and emotions

Learn self healing

Be your best Self!


Profile and Credentials        

Chantal is an anthropologist and is a Master practitioner of energy work.

MA Anthropology
Certified Psychokinergie Practitioner
Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner
Reiki Master/Teacher
Emotional Freedom Techniques
Antenne de Lecher Antenna- Synergie Harmonique
Multidimensional Energy Worker
Home Energetics – geobiology

Shapeshifting Practitioner
Creator and facilitator 'Dance as you are' and 'Soul Dance' Mind, Body & Spirit Workshops


Other training includes psychodramatic bodywork(R), psychodrama, group facilitation and win-win conflict resolution.

Philosophy and Comments        

I have been learning and practicing holistic forms of therapies for over 15 years. The knowledge and techniques I have learned were first and foremost tools that I used in my own personal healing journey. They have become a passion (because they really work!) that I share with others in my professional practice.


I easily envision change for others as I have experienced and witnessed so many ‘miracles’ in my lifetime. I always hold the intention to assist others in creating what they truly want and what is for their highest good. I get very excited about the possibilities because they are truly limitless!

I experience and see healing as the path to being or becoming whole. Healing is ultimately the experience of clearing what might keep us from our own innate capacity and resources to heal ourselves and our lives. I see my role as a practitioner of healing arts to assist people in their own process of becoming their best self and living their best life!

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Fee is $ 120.00 per session.

Chantal is not accepting new clients at this time.
Please call or email if you would like to receive information about future availability and workshops.

Testimonial- Young entrepreneur releases blockages making it easy to achieve her goals        

The sessions that I had with Chantal allowed me to release important mental and spiritual blocks that were holding me back from achieving.

I was having problems being clear in my thoughts with myself and others.The sessions with Chantal allowed for Strength and Clarity to grow in my life and to flourish into great goals and accomplishments.

Brooke Robitaille

Testimonial- Get results even if you don't know what to expect        

I had no idea what to expect in working with Chantal, except that a respected friend had worked with her and found it very empowering. I approached my session with Chantal "scientifically," making the decision to be open to whatever she had to offer me and to judge the experience based on results. This was my way of getting my biases out of the way.

Well, the results were tremendous! I felt a physical difference during the session; I felt better centered and grounded. I felt a core of warmth. Immediately after the session I saw a massage therapist who noticed that I looked so much better than usual and asked what happened. Within 24 hours a lifelong belief that had been holding me back and that had had all kinds of negative spin-offs into my life, completely and dramatically dissolved.

After working with Chantal, my sense of self and connection with my body was completely transformed and liberated, and I now live with joy and contentment. It was that dramatic. A complete teaching just unfolded and I was released, thanks to Chantal's intervention. To say I am grateful is an understatement!

Munirih Avaz

Dance As You Are & Soul Dance Workshops        

Every body has its own rhythm! Every Soul has its own dance!
"These dance workshops are fun, freeing and healing". They are based on research into depth psychology, the human energy system and dance as a healing art practiced worldwide from the beginning of time.DANCE AS YOU ARE explores the relationship between mind-body and spirit and how music and movement takes us on inner journeys. We set the body free, connect to our depths and let our whole being tell our story.

"a fun,refreshing and freeing way to heal and stretch the mind, body and spirit".

When we experience SOUL DANCE, we open our whole being to receiving our highest good. Inspired by Spirit, our SOUL DANCE moves us through sacred space, we open our whole being to the Divine. We heal ourselves and we heal others.

"It's like coming home. Everybody should do this" Tammieko F.

Workshops available for organizations and groups in English, French or Spanish.

Healing for Your Home        

Chantal also does healing and energy work in living environments and businesses. Our homes are extensions of ourselves and as the great Albert Einstein demonstrated 'Everything is Energy'.

For more information about the benefits of Space Clearing and Harmonisation please visit:



contact Chantal at (613) 864-4325


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