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Roz Zollinger



180 Allen Road, Suite # 101, N-Bldg.
Sandy Springs, (Atlanta), GA 30328
United States
T: 404-303-0007
F: 404-252-8338


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Heal Center, Inc. Institute Natural Healing Arts


Institute for Natural Healing Arts and Learning: Since 1992

* Aromatherapy

* Aromatic Reflexology

* Reflexology

Teaching all Levels(Foundation & Certification)

" Zollinger BodySystems Method of Aromatherapy"


"Zollinger BodySystems Method of Reflexology"

Public speaking & teaching nationwide.



Profile and Credentials        

Roz Zollinger is known nationally & internationally for her work and instruction in reflexology and aromatherapy. She has more than 20 years experience in the practice and teaching in these modalities. Roz was trained and certified in reflexology at the South African Institute of Reflexology and at the Institute of Clinical Aromatherapy in London. She has pursued advanced studies in both modalities, including "Reflexology Assisted Fertility" and "Internatioanl training program in Essential Oils" at Purdue University. Ms Zollinger is the founder of the Heal Center and is the co-founder of Georgia Reflexology Organization (GRO) as well as regional director for the National Assoc. of Holistic Aromatherapy.(NAHA)

Philosophy and Comments        

Roz' teaching and work with clients stresses the interactional of all body systems and combines the physical with the emotional and spiritual conditions of a person. Roz has pioneered the Zollinger "BodySystems Method of Reflexology/Aromatherapy" as well as "Aromatic-Reflexology" which combines the use of essential oil synergies via the feet. Committed to furthering general public knowledge and acceptance of aromatherapy and reflexology, Roz is a leader among practitioners of these healing arts.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Please check our website or call for class information and schedule.

For private sessions, consultations and public speaking, please call.

(404) 303-0007


Certified Reflexologist and Aromatherapist, Director of the Heal Center.        




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