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Vancouver Island Healing Arts Network


The VIHAN consists of mainstream and complementary (alternative) health care providers who meets once per month per location to share skills, knowledge, and resources in a professional and friendly atmosphers. The VIHAN helps health practitioners market their products and services through our network meetings, our website, and through several marketing initiatives. The VIHAN also serves the public by helping them locate health services which may be of interest to them. It is also a vehicle for addressing local and global health care issues.

Profile and Credentials        

Jennifer Bird, BPE, MPE, BHSc(PT), physiotherapist is the founder and director of the VIHAN. Jennifer has studied the marketing of health care practices in the "Health Care 2000" programme. Jennifer was also the director of Greenhaven Retreat and Wellness Centre in Flamborough Ontario where she developed the highly successful "Friends of Greenhaven" network.

Philosophy and Comments        

T.E.A.M. Together Each Achieves More Teamwork is the key to helping market the practitioner's health care products and services. Service Many people do not know the mainstream and complimentary health care services available to them. The VIHAN addresses this issue. It is also a vehicle for addressing local and global community health care needs.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

The VIHAN has monthly meetings in each area plus special events. Yearly membership is currently $85.00. Monthly meetings (including light refreshments) are members $10 (advanced purchase), $12 (at door), and $15 (guest). Note: guests may attend 2 meetings before being asked to join. Special events are at a reasonable cost, if any.

Jennifer Bird, BPE, MPE, BHSc(PT) physiotherapist        

Jennifer is a physiotherapist who is in the process of completing her 4th year at the Canadian College of Osteopathy. Her business is Gentle Hands Physiotherapy. Sessions are 50 minutes in length and cost $90.00 (which may be submitted as physiotherapy for extended health care claims). Jennifer treats a variety of acute and chronic conditions including traumatic injuries, visceral problems, and other health concerns.




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