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Leah Kramer



19 nottinghill ct
Manalapan, NJ 07726
United States
T: 732 492 1597
F: 732 8453384


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Art Of Healing


Dr. Leah Kramer gifted Healer and experienced proffesional.

Leah served her community for twenty years helping adults and children to maintain mental and physical health whith Natural Healing Treatments and without harmful drugs.
Natural Healing Treatments:
Herbal Medicine
Pediatric healing
psychic healing.
Hands on healing.

Profile and Credentials        

From an early age Leah had a strong need to help people, when she saw anyone in physical or emotional pain She learned about the healing energy in her hands.

At the age of twenty she moved to Jerusalem, were she became Spiritualy Aware and practiced Hands-On-Healing helping many.

At age Thirty Leah Became a Reiki Master and opened her practice in New York.

Leah Kramer earned her Doctors Deegry in Naturapathy from

Clayton College of Natural Health.

Leah graduated Institute Of Hypnotherapy and became

Advance Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Philosophy and Comments        

"My agenda is to serve and educate people about mental, physical and spiritual health,

and bring them into harmony with themselfs and the Universe.

There is a cure for every illness,

all we need to do,

is to connect to the source of light.

Let me be your guide in your Healing Jouney".

With all my Love.


Dr. Leah Kramer

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Work hours by appointmens only.

Some Weekends Hours are available.

Distance Healing can be sceduale by phone.

Fee $60--$120


One on one yoga sessions designed for each client

according to his/her health problem.

Energy Healing includes in this sessions.

Bio Spiritual Remedies        

Bio Spiritual Remedies based on herbs and Homeopathy,

Formulated by Dr.Leah Kramer with high Healing Potency.

Mind Healing Sessions        




Chronic illness


Weight Loss


Before I met Leah, I suffered with depression and anxiety. I tried medicine, Doctors...and finally had nervous break down. Leah, with her knowledge and healing abilities was passing her wisdom to me day and night. She has help me on the way, that words can not explain. I am healed because of Leah. She told me once;'' Save one soul and you will save the world'' During those seven years, Leah become our family healer, She helped my boys with ADD, Allergies and Sport Traumas. And she gave my children heir mother back.

With Love.

AnnMarie Geloso

and family. Manalapan. N.J.


Leah is amazing. She helped me when all the doctors told me, nothing is wrong when I had ringing in ears and I was so dizzy, that I couldn't stand on my feet for six mounts. Leah examine me and made a healing program for me, after three session she put me back on my feet. I see Leah every four to six weeks to keep up with my well being.

My best regards

Carol. Sayreville. NJ.


Your work is made of little things that helps people. The many things you`ve done for me, show yours skills and how much you care about patients .I realize more and more as time goes by how very much my life is changed. For these and so much more,thank you very much.

Brooklyn. N.Y

Michael Gitelman.



If you are in physical or emotional pain you are probably searching for help. Leah Kremer is the person who can offer the help you are looking for. Not only she'll help you to release your pain, she'll teach you how to find power in yourself to remove your pain forever. I have known Leah for more than 6 years and I'm amazed at her growing healing abilities.

Irene B.



Thank you Leah. After few visits, I felt like I was born second time. I still can not believe my pain is gone. Thank you, one more time. God bless you.

Best regards.


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