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Hilo, HI 96720
United States
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Aina me Kalani


'Aina Me Kalani is a non-profit educational foundation created to perpetuate the cultural and healing arts in Hawai'i. Our healing workshops and conferences seek to bridge the healing arts of Hawai'i with the alternative and complimentary healing arts of the east and west. The indigenous healing techniques of lomilomi (massage), la'au lapa'au(use of medicinal plants) and ho'oponopono (conflict resolution through self awareness and forgiveness) are taught along with other spiritual forms of healing.

Profile and Credentials        

We are a non-profit educational foundation providing workshops and conferences on the healing arts in Hawai'i.

Philosophy and Comments        

It is time for the world to come together in its understanding and knowledge of each other. We see our mission to be a bridge from the wisdom of indigenous Hawai'i to the rest of the world. Along with that mission we seek to teach and support spiritual forms of healing from both the east and the west in an attempt to find commonalities beyond our differences and to support the spirit of humankind.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

We present workshops throughout the year. For specific information about current worksops and conference please go to www.healinginparadise.org. or call 808 959 2258.





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