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Donna Murray



P.O. Box 1288
Durango, CO 81302
United States
T: (970) 247-9076


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Donna Murray & Body and Soul Healing


FIND HEALING, ANSWERS AND SOLUTIONS with Body and Soul Healing and Intuitive Counseling. Local and Distant healing available. Free consultation. Helping people heal body, mind, heart and soul since 1989.
FEEL CENTERED, GET CONNECTED AND BECOME GROUNDED with Down to Earth, an audio meditation healing CD. Perhaps one of the most loving and valuable tools that you can give yourself, this CD provides a step by step, powerful and effective process for gradually, yet consistently creating wholeness through inner harmony, balance and connection. Designed to help people heal and transform their lives, this CD will help you strengthen your overall energy levels, increase physical energy and vitality, create an inner foundation that stimulates healing and health, release stress, balance your emotions, increase inner peace and love, and expand your inner ability to connect more deeply with your soul's beauty and light. A nationwide Body and Soul Healer and Intuitive Counselor since 1989, I have helped thousands of people heal and transform their lives in private sessions and in workshop settings. Most people express feelings of being disconnected, stuck, sick or ungrounded. It is with this in mind that I developed and produced this guided meditation so that you can work at home and at your own pace to recover and reconnect to the greater parts of yourself as you heal and transform your life. With regular practice, this CD will provide everything you need to re-establish an abundant flow of energy into and through your body which naturally will produce healthy integration of all the aspects of you in perfect balance. This CD includes a 32 minute guided meditation followed by 6 minutes of supporting affirmations.

Profile and Credentials        

Since 1989 Donna Murray has helped thousands of people understand their problems, improve their health and find solutions for physical, emotional and spiritual issues and concerns through Body & Soul Healing and Intuitive Counseling.
Clairvoyant and empathic from childhood, Donna has an unusually strong connection with the higher levels of Spiritual energy in our world. She is a Healer who shares her gifts from a deep understanding of personal needs. She has extensive work experience and an expansive knowledge of energy, healing and health.
The effect of a single Body & Soul Healing Session is transformational. The healing is tangible and accelerated. Donna's gift is to see the energy source behind the problem. She interprets the information contained within it and communicates what is needed for resolution. Healing will take place on the inner levels where the old energy is cleared and healthy energy replaces it.
Donna Murray has been a professional Body & Soul Healer since 1989. She is a graduate of The Academy of Healing Arts, Clayton College of Natural Health and a Universal Life Church Minister. She also teaches Energy Mastery & Healing Classes. See the Events Calendar on this site for current offerings.

Philosophy and Comments        

The experience I have gained about healing, health and Spirit prompted the creation of Heart of Spirit and Body and Soul Healing Center. We are dedicated to providing a blend of services, classes, ceremonies and products to inspire the balance of the emotions, health of the body and the beauty and expression of the spirit.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Sessions are $80 with an introductory offer for first time clients of $10 off. It is recommended that you call for a free 15 minute consultation to make sure that Body and Soul Healing and Intuitive Counseling is right for you.





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