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Jill Earl, CNM



370 Hartman Bridge Rd.
Ronks, PA 17572
United States
T: 717-687-3883
F: (717)687-0120


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Jill Earl, MS,CNM


Holistic Women's Health Care using herbs,homeopathy,supplements and bio-identical hormone therapy (bHT). Offering complete care across the life span including: Complete physicals Menopause management & hormone balance Salivary hormone testing Bio-identical hormones Natural pregnancy and birth,including waterbirth Homebirth Many medical problems can be reduced using natural therapies, or co-managed with collaborating physicians.

Profile and Credentials        

Cerified nurse midwife with over 20 years experience in natural women's health.

Philosophy and Comments        

Holistic care means paying attention to not just the body, but the mind and spirit. To achieve the highest level of health or create total healing, the care you receive should embrace all factors that contribute to your well-being. So many women take on trmendous burdens, often suffering needlessly.Many times they don't realize there is a choice. Healing is a process, and we work together unpeeling each layer as it shows itself. Pregnancy and birth are noraml healthy processes. The family begins at conception, and my goal is to provide a safe haven for your body to do its greatest work. By close attention to you and lots of communication, we are usually able to avoid most problems by "fine tuning" them when they are little. I believe strongly in the body 's ability to heal itself.However, if serious conditions develop there is medical expertise available.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

The office is open Monday and Wednesday 9am-4pm, and Tuesday and Thursday 9am-12noon. Visits outside this schedule can be made by appointment. Fee schedule is flexible for uninsured clients. Please call with your questions. If you are intersted, please call. I welcome questions and listen to phone messages frequently.





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