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BodySense Aromatherapy Hot and Cold Products


BodySense products combine the benefits of moist heat and aromatherapy. All BodySense products contain herbs, spices, and rice. Warm the product up in the microwave and the rice will expand and release its moisture. When the product touches the skin there is a dermal absorption of these herbs and spices. Because of this we have 8 different formulas or combinations of herbs and spices. We offer 25 different product items ranging from NeckEase, Eye Pillow, Sinus Pillow, FootEase, etc.

Profile and Credentials        

Our products offer relief form arthritis pain, sinus infection, headache, sinus pain, poor circulation, back pain, rheumatoid arthritis, neuropathy damage. A great product to work with during massage, bodywork, physical therapy, rehab. Product line includes NeckEase, Eye Pillow, Sinus Pillow, FootEase, Mitts, Muffs, Herbal Packs, Body Wraps, Keyboard Support, Mouse Support, Flute Medicine, The Foot Igloo and Toys such as Heart, Cecil, Spot, Fisheze, and Star.

Philosophy and Comments        

BodySense products are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for the life of the product. Our warranty applies when the product is used for the pupose intended uner normal conditions, and does not apply to damage caused by typical wear and tear, unreasonable use or neglect. To obtain replacements for defective products contact BodySense at 1-877-816-3615.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Our office hours are 7AM to 4PM PST

Medical Professionals        

BodySense products are used by professionals in the spa, healing, and integrative medicine markets. Our products offer a therapeutic niche with our strong construction, quality herbs, and moist heat therapy.

Spa and Salons        

Benefit your clients and add to your profitability with Aromatherapy Hot/Cold products. A clients's visit at your Spa or Salon will be a more enjoyable experience with BodySense products. Rule #1:Use your products, Rule #2:Encourage your staff to use your products, Rule #3: Share them with your clients and they will ask "Where can I get one?"



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