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Integral Transformation Systems

Sunil Ahuja


15550 N. Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd, #1014.
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
United States
T: 480-314-1983

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Integral Transformation Systems is a resource for people interested in finding authentic fulfillment in their personal and professional lives.

Most of us look for fulfillment in success, in “having” the good things of life. Some look for it in creative or contributory work, in the actual engagement with “doing.” Others try to find satisfaction in close relationships with others. Still, something always seems to be missing.

That is because true fulfillment and satisfaction is ultimately found in “being.” As human beings, we all are born with an innate potential far greater than anything we are generally able to see, discover or realize. As we discover and become more of our true selves, we begin to experience our lives as fundamentally more fulfilling.

This is not just speculation. Over the last half-century, there has been significant research in psychology and sociology exploring how human beings develop along different dimensions: cognitive (Piaget, Basseches), social-emotional (Kegan, Goleman), moral (Kohlberg), self (Loevinger, Cook-Greuter, Torbert), values (Graves, Beck), needs (Maslow), and others.

As we develop along any of these dimensions, we “become” more: more present, more aware, more open, more alive, more connected, more effective in work and life, happier and more fulfilled. The process of development is natural, up to a point. This “point” is the level of development of a society and culture. This level acts as an attractor pulling people to the dominant existing level. Beyond that, the “pull” is an inhibitor, restraining people form developing past the existing belief and value structures.

Our mission is to assist the process of development beyond this limiting point, by making it conscious. We can develop consciously by exploring and understanding our current levels of development, as well as our specific sense of who we are, our beliefs, values, ways of thinking, feeling, relating and acting. As we become objective about ourselves, we can see and release the patterns that hold us tied to our current developmental level and its limitations. As we release these beliefs, we naturally “emerge” into the next stage, a piece of our innate and inherent potential. If we are aware of the characteristics of this level, our transition is easier, as we now have a map of where we are going, and the territory is not uncharted.

Profile and Credentials        

Sunil Ahuja, Founder, President and Developmental Coach, Integral Transformation Systems

Sunil Ahuja has thirty years of professional management and consulting experience in the U.S. and India, with multi-national organizations such as Deloitte & Touche, J.D. Edwards, Asea Brown Boveri, and EMI, as well as high tech startups including American Cimflex and Hologix. As an independent consultant, his client list included Sumitomo Sitix, TRW, Inc., Rochester Telephone, ICF Kaiser Engineers (project in India), and startup ventures in healthcare, and technology. He holds an M.S. in Industrial Administration degree from Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta, and a Bachelor of Technology in Electrical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur.

While pursuing his business career, Sunil was following a personal path of self-discovery and spiritual transformation, integrating ancient spiritual knowledge with contemporary methods of personal development. His self designed path took him through the EST training , the Forum, Avatar, Spiral Dynamics, Transcendental Meditation and other meditation techniques, as well as programs offered by Deepak Chopra, Caroline Myss, Shakti Gawain, John Friedlander, Stephen Covey, Peter Senge, and Ken Wilber's Integral Institute. He is certified to lead the Avatar® Course and the Chopra Center's Seven Laws for Engaging Spirit in the Workplace, and as a Developmental Coach by the Interdevelopmental Institute in Boston, Massachusetts..

In 2001, Sunil started to engage in his true passion by founding Integral Transformational Systems, a company offering personal development training, consulting and coaching. ITS offers program integrating ancient knowledge of consciousness with modern methods of accessing that level of being. All its programs and services are designed to expedite the emergence of human consciousness into higher stages of development, and to assist

Philosophy and Comments        

Our Mission:

Integral Transformation Systems is dedicated to assisting people to reach and live their full potential in their personal and professional lives.

Our Philosophy

We approach our mission from a unique and exceptionally powerful perspective: distinguishing between competence and capacity.

Competencies are what you have. Most practitioners in the field of personal or organization development focus on competencies -- providing people with information and teaching them skills to solve specific problems, develop talents, or overcome weaknesses. Competencies are developed through learning and practice, by adding knowledge and skills.

Capacity, on the other hand, is who you are. Capacities indicate your level of development, and determine your ability to use the competencies. Capability is a natural potential that emerges through a process of growing through and beyond each stage of identity and identification.

We focus on unleashing the innate spiritual potential of all human beings, by assisting them to develop and increase their capacities. We do this by providing powerful transformational processes and tools, integrating ancient and contemporary metaphysical knowledge with modern developmental and transpersonal psychology.

We agree with Ken Wilber that this process requires both the experience of deep spiritual states, and the knowledge of developmental stages. Our programs provide both.

The Avatar® Course provides a powerful set of tools and processes enabling the participant to experience a deep state of spiritual awareness in a relatively short time, compared to traditional methods such as meditation.

Contemporary research on adult development has discovered that human beings develop through distinct and discrete stages. Ken Wilber's "Integral" work has demonstrated that such models, developed from widely differing perspectives, indicate considerable agreement and overlap in the definition of these stages. The general thrust of development is in the direction of increased complexity of thinking and ability to deal with complex situations, seeing the world in an integrated, systemic, and holistic way, enhanced sense of personal freedom and flexibility, identification with larger and larger groups including all of life, increased acceptance, compassion, understanding and depth of relationship, deeper experience of spiritual Self, and of being part of a larger, conscious, spiritual whole.

This research indicates that these capacities emerge, more than they are taught, as if uncovering a pre-existing potential. The process appears to be one of dis-identifying with one's existing identities, values and belief structures. At each new stage, an expanded self emerges. Several models, Graves' and Beck's Spiral Dynamics model in particular, have noted a discontinuity in the latter stages of development, when a distinctly more complex integrated and tolerant consciousness emerges. They called these later levels Tier 2, as opposed to the earlier Tier 1 stages. Metaphysicians would consider these stages to be the initial emergence of a spiritual identity, a soul presence replacing our normal ego based mode of functioning.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

The Avatar Course        

Welcome to the immense possibility available to you in the discovery and experience of your True Self.

Avatar is a powerful self-development course, perhaps the most effective such program available today. There are two core results available to you in this life transforming nine-day program:

* A deep experience of your Authentic Self, and a sustainable expansion in your sense of who you truly are

* An abilty to manage your reality with tools that enable you to release what you do not want, and create what you do want in your life

We appreciate that you might read these claims with some skepticism. If you have been interested in spiritual growth, and have engaged in any spiritual practice, you will be aware that it takes years of committed and rigorous practice to create these kinds of results. How then does Avatar create such results so quickly?

This is best understood by contrasting the Avatar process with meditation, a time honored practice leading to spiritual transformation. Meditation essentially works by quieting the mind enough for spirit, which is always present, to be seen and experienced. In our 21st century over-stimulated world, it takes quite some time and practice to get the mind to quiet down. By comparison, Avatar works by removing the mental objects that constantly grab the mind's attention, opening the pathways to the always-available experience of your Essential Self. This simple and elegant process can be taught and used effectively in nine days. The essential element of this process is to learn to experience all of one's creations without judgment.

The same tools are used to manage your reality. In the Avatar Course you fully realize that your life is created by your inner reality. Your beliefs, perceptions and attitudes attract the events that occur in your life. As you use the Avatar tools to transform your inner reality, you can deliberately change your beliefs to bring to you what you prefer to experience, and stop attracting what you do not want. In practical terms, Avatar graduates frequently report the following results:

* Experiencing complete ownership of their lives, knowing they are the creators, not the creation.

* Greater and more authentic success in the areas of their lives of interest to them

* Deeper and happier relationships with the important people in their lives as they hold them in appreciation, understanding and compassion rather than judgment.

* A life aligned with an inner purpose, doing work that brings them joy and a sense of fulfillment.

As you read this page, think of two things. What is the biggest problem in your life, something that continues to bother you, cause pain or hold you back? Alternatively, what is your greatest ambition, something you have not yet accomplished? The Avatar Course will provide you with the tools and level of consciousness needed to resolve that problem, and to accomplish that ambition. The path to resolving the problem lies in releasing the judgment associated with the emotions it brings up for you; the path to accomplishing your goals lies in "discreating" the beliefs that define you today, and in creating a new self-definition capable of achieving your desires.

Soul Dance: Attracting and Creating Conscious Relationships        

The Hidden Dance

Have you done all the self-work, but still find yourself in unfulfilling relationships. Could it be that our expectations about intimate relationships are based on unrealistic fantasies and just not achievable?

Would you like to understand what makes relationships work, why they fail so often, and how to consciously attract relationships that will grow with you?

Soul Dance is a substantive relationship workshop that will enable you to:

* Create a level of self awareness regarding your beliefs about the ideal relationship, and help you realize how they are a source of self defeating frustration.

* See the masculine-feminine dance in love, recognize that we all have both aspects of consciousness within us, and embrace either as the moment demands

* Understand (with apologies to Jerry McGuire) that no one can complete you, and that the Law of Attraction brings to you people who help you see your beliefs about your deficiencies.

* Experience and integrate the understanding that the real purpose of relationships is for your soul to evolve and know itself, not for your ego to fulfill its fantasies.

* Realize that what you really yearn for is deep connection with other human beings and spirit, and to be present and real in a way that allows your heart to both authentically touch and be touched.

* Attract a partner who will play with you at the depth that you are willing and able to play.

To hear from the participants in the first Soul Dance workshop click here.

Workshop Details

Tuition: $287 ($247 for early, paid registration)

Course Duration/Format:

Weekend Format: Friday Evening 6:30 to 9pm, Saturday and Sunday 9am to 6pm

Multiple Session Format: 8 Evening Sessons: 6:30 to 9pm



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