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Anadiz Moon Spiritual Healing - Sabrina Renee


Sabrina Renee is a professional intuitive and tarot reader. Telephone and online readings are available. Along with readings, she offers a goal and assessment session based on the client's reading, which analyzes where one is emotionally/physically/spiritually, what one's goals are, and what one is doing to achieve them. She also provides online classes in tarot, candle magic, visualization techniques, hoodoo, and techniques on creating your own manifestations. Through Anadiz Moon Spiritual Healing, other services include: divination through tarot and intuition,monthly online newsletter, numerology charts, astrology charts, weekly meditations, online classes, workshops, spells, spell kits, candle magic and healing, and much more! CLICK ON THE PROFILE TO SEE THE FULL LIST AND DESCRIPTION OF ONLINE CLASSES.

Profile and Credentials        

Sabrina Renee is a natural intuitive and has been conducting intuitive/tarot readings for over 15 years. She has received certification and/or instruction/training to teach and/or practice the following: tarot, visualization techniques, guided meditation, connecting with spirit guides, creating your own manifestations, numerology, and astrology. Sabrina Renee became aware of her intuitive and precognitive gifts at a very young age. As a child, she was able to see spirits and experienced precognitive dreams. By the time she was fifteen years old, she had already assisted several friends and family members by offering them her intuitive warnings and insights with her clairvoyant abilities. Later, she gained an interest in tarot cards and has been providing professional tarot and intuitive readings to clients for several years. Sabrina Renee combines a fresh blend of raw, natural intuitive abilities with an honest and straightforward style of reading for her clients. Through her readings, she helps her clients attain inner peace, insight, and spiritual direction. She works with her spirit guides and ancestors to see exactly what your situation needs. Her e-mail readings are detailed and directly address the client’s personal life, helping them understand their current circumstances and where their futures are headed. She also creates custom-made manifestation kits clients to do themselves that help them get the results they need. She offers cold readings and predictions on specific questions such as love, marriage, success and telling you what your dreams mean.

Philosophy and Comments        

Sabrina Renee is the President of Anadiz Moon Spiritual Healing, an online metaphysical resource. Anadiz Moon Spiritual Healing believes that people have the power to create their own happiness and improve their own situations. Through connecting with one's higher spirit, healing energy inbalances, focused visualizations, learning to manipulate energy, and using the laws of manifestation, most people's dreams can become reality. Anadiz Moon Spiritual Healing is committed to providing clients with honest, quality metaphysical and alternative healing services. Complete with intuitive/tarot/psychic readings, astrological charts, herbs, candles, manifestation kits, spiritual guidance, and we offer the very best.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Please call 708-386-3703 to schedule a telephone reading. Visit the Anadiz Moon Spiritual Healing website at psychic-anadiz-magic.com to see the full range of our products and services.

Anadiz Moon Spiritual Healing        

Anadiz Moon Spiritual Healing is an online metaphysical resource. We are committed to providing our clients and the magical community with the highest quality products and services. Complete with psychic readings, astrological charts, herbs, candles, manifestation kits, online classes, and informational links, we offer the very best.

Online Classes and Workshops        

ONLINE WORKSHOPS Each online workshop lasts 12 weeks and includes the following: ¨ Extensive weekly e-mails, ¨ Participation in interactive e-list for class registrants only, ¨ Weekly chat sessions, and ¨ Certificates of completion. Each workshop also includes an extensive list of references for further study. Each workshop costs $45 and may be ordered online. Personal checks and money orders are also accepted. Tarot 101 Learn to explore your intuition through the art of tarot reading. Learn the numerological and color associations of each card and how they should be interpreted to form a complete story about the client’s question. You will also learn how to: ¨ Read reverse cards; ¨ Use various spreads; ¨ Read for yourself, friends, family and clients; ¨ Use the cards for yourself to tap into your own inner knowing; and ¨ Much more! The next Tarot 101 workshop begins January 15, 2005. ORDER NOW! Wicca 101 This workshop is great for those who are new to Wicca. The course will provide an introduction to the background, beliefs, and rituals of the Wiccan way. Workshop topics will include: ¨ History and Background ¨ Wiccan centered God/dess worship and Charge of the God/dess ¨ The Eight Sabbats ¨ Ritual structure ¨ Elemental Correspondences ¨ And much more! The next Wiccan 101 workshop begins January 15, 2005! ORDER NOW! Visualization Techniques Creative visualization uses the powers of thought, imagination, and focused will to create positive changes in our lives. This is a great workshop for those who work with the following: ¨ Meditations, ¨ Positive affirmations, ¨ Laws of manifestation, ¨ Reiki, and ¨ Spell work. Through this workshop, you will learn how to hold an image in your mind and manipulate it. Learn to use the power of creative imagination and the energy of the universe to attain your life goals. The next Visualization Techniques workshop begins January 15, 2005. ORDER NOW! Candle Magic Learn to create effective candle affirmations and spells. Through this workshop, you will learn color, daily and lunar correspondences. You will also learn how to properly inscribe and dress candles for more effective results. The next Candle Magic workshop begins January 15, 2005!! Writing Your Own Manifestations and Spells Learn the art of effective manifestation creating! This workshop is great for the beginner and advanced practitioner alike. Through this 12-week program, you will learn the best days, moon phases, and hours to create effective magic. You will also learn which herbs, oils and crystals work to enhance your spell craft! This is a course you don’t want to miss! The next Writing Your Own Manifestation workshop begins February 15, 2005. Hoodoo Workshop The next Hoodoo Workshop begins February 15, 2005. In this virtual, 12-week workshop, students will learn to create various spells, mojo bags, and other magical items, as well as work with herbs and much more. Don’t miss this opportunity! For more information or if you have any questions, please contact Anadiz Moon Spiritual Healing at info@psychic-anadiz-magic.com May We Inspire the Magical Healing in You!



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