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608 S. Washington Street
Naperville, IL 60540
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Ishman BodyCare Center & Institute


Ishman BodyCare Institute is dedicated to excellent education standards for therapy and fitness professionals. We strive to offer needed education

in these fields, and offer a high level of excellence in all that we do. Educational programs available for lymphatic drainage massage, Fascial Link Therapy(tm), Fibromyalgia Care, Structural Anatomy, Hands Heal Documentation and Insurance Reimbursement, Body Mechanics for the Deep Tissue Bodyworker. Also discover our great products, including China Gel, Formula 303, the Qlink, Energy Medicine Books and Videos by Donna Eden, and more!

Profile and Credentials        

We offer professional continuing education for professionals working in clinical and sports settings. 2006 classes include Practical Lymph Drainage, Fascial Link Therapy One, Fibromyalgia Care, Structural Anatomy, Hands Heal Documentation and Insurance Reimbursement, and Body Mechanics for the Deep Tissue Bodyworker.

Courses are taught in the Ishman BodyCare Center & Institute clinic building in Naperville, at Good Samaritan Health and Wellness Center in Downers Grove, IL (about 25 miles west of Chicago) and are being planned for southern Illinois and in downtown Chicago. Come grow with us!

Philosophy and Comments        

Our Mission

We promote positive transformation person to person through innovative, practical and effective services and products that improve the way that people handle their health! We offer services and education in soft-tissue therapies, energy therapy, fitness, nutrition, and wellness.

Why see us? We have a special interest in person-to-person service. We are skilled at relieving pain, muscle and biomechanics problems. Education is integral in everything we do, so you can expect to grow in every hour you spend with an Ishman BodyCare Center & Institute professional. Education courses and workshops are a reflection of current innovations in natural care methods. As a client, we can help you to improve daily performance, increase your awareness, and build self-care skills. Our licensed and certified staff supports the development of healthier living and long-term solutions. We are knowledgeable and keep up with industry standard information and research. We use current and innovative technology in the industry, are growing all the time, and work effectively as a team. Your experiences here are integrated, friendly, and exacting. Learn more about what we do at www.ibodycare.com.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Courses are offered throughout the year, and range from $79-$699. Visit us online for our most up-to-date information: http://ibodycare.com/enrollment.htm

Fascial Link TherapyTM - Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy Education for Professionals 21 or 25 CEs        

Fascial Link TherapyTM

is the next step for practitioners that enjoy using neuromuscular, trigger point, and myofascial techniques already. Grow your existing skills to resolve pain and improve daily and sports performance faster and with less pain during the session! If you're looking for the newest generation of neuromuscular training, you've found it!

This is a course of education for Fascial LinkTM (FL) practitioners, who will learn to use problem-solving skills to eliminate stress and soft-tissue pain more quickly than they have before. Through the use of structural, biomechanical and meridian assessment and treatment, the FL therapist can use a broad understanding of the body’s function to greatly improve upon his or her soft-tissue treatment skills and to reduce or eliminate soft-tissue pain in clients. This work is efficient in relieving pain more quickly than traditional therapies, with some measurable results in a matter of minutes and with less pain for clients during its application. Fascial Link Therapy progresses from these quick results to broader therapy plans that bridge western linear and eastern relational skills.

Hands Heal Communication, Documentation, and Insurance Billing for Manual Therapists 8 CEs        

Course covers the purpose of documentation, the definition and application of SOAP, Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan sections of charting, the role of documentation in today’s health care and legal system, and includes a final test for competency. Homework is provided as optional.

This 8-hour class will guide the therapist into SOAP charting made interesting, emotional, and meaningful. Documenting the client's progress can prove to be fascinating. What's not to be excited about discovering that SOAP notes show the "how" and "why" the client could be experiencing a change in his/her physical capabilities? Documentation is the practitioners road map to adventure. I invite you to join me on the journey. Together we'll discover the positive effects and the definitive results on your massage clients that SOAP charting can tally and help you achieve. Get behind the wheel of this course and take advantage of the adventure that is yours to have!

Body Mechanics for the Deep Tissue Bodyworker 12 CEs        

Specifically created to emphasize personal differences in height, weight, torso length, and differing joint mobilities, this course will help any deep tissue or sports massage therapist accomplish more with less effort, and reduce or eliminate pain caused by body mechanics.

Beyond the basics learned in massage school, discover the “other lunges and leans” commonly used by deep tissue therapists. Therapists are encourages to evaluate your own work environments before attending the class, including table height, room dimensions, and other equipment used. Self-care instruction is also included.

Practical Lymphatic Drainage Course 3 or 17 CEs        

Introductory Course - 3CEs

The introductory course includes:

An overview of the lymphatic system

Introduction of hand-on techniques for the overall lymphatic system

Benefits of lymphatic drainage

Lymph anatomy and physiology concepts

This course will enable therapists to safely incorporate lymphatic drainage into their current sessions that include other forms of therapy.

Full Course - 17CEs

The full class topics include:

Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology of the Lymph System

Properties of Lymph and Cardiovascular Systems

Mapping and Analysis of Lymphatic Vessels

Indications and Contraindications for Lymphatic Drainage

Techniques for Lymphatic Drainage

Treating Core areas, Neck, Head, Arms, Hands, Thorax, Back, Hips, Legs, and Feet

Swelling / Treating Special Areas of Lymphedema

Guidelines for Post-Operative Conditions, Sinus Congestion, Breast Cancer, Sport Environments

Following this course, therapists may offer 60-minute treatments specifically for lymphatic drainage.

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