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Deep Emotional Release Body Work and Quantum-Theta Healing

James Hyman


LA & SF, CA & by phone, CA 90230
United States
T: 323-684-1899


James Hyman's Deep Emotional Release Bodywork and Quantum-Theta Healing helps us go to the core of our emotional issues, and identify what, where and how along the way we took on some negative emotional energy or pattern and releases the blocked energy from the body and subconscious mind. These blocks can cause or contribute to adverse physical, emotional, mental and spiritual conditions, such as anxiety, depression and grief. This work is unique, in that one session is usually enough to experience profound and life-changing results. With thousands of private sessions and over 40 years experience as a healer and American shaman, James Hyman is uniquely qualified to take you on this journey. Practitioner Training is also available for anyone who wants to use this powerful work to make a difference. Call

(323)684-1899 to schedule your transformational private session with James Hyman now.

Profile and Credentials        

James Hyman is the founder and developer of Deep Emotional Release Bodywork. He has been facilitating personal growth and emotional release for 30 years.

James has studied throughout his healing career with shamans and masters of energy and bodywork. He has performed thousands of private sessions in workshops and Private Sessions, and is known for his uncanny insight, and special gifts ofo quickly getting to the core of issues, and releasing them from the body and the mind, creating an immediate and lasting shift in a person's perception and consicousness. Gentle, wise, and a powerful shaman, Jim is uniquely qualified to take you to the core of your being, and help you to release whatever is holding you back or keeping you stuck.

Philosophy and Comments        

There is no idealogy behind this work, only what we have seen occur in our own experience. Miraculous transformations that powerfully and positively impacts peoples' ability to truly enjoy their lives. We understand the indisputable connection between the body and the mind. Working with both simultaneously is the best way to achieve lasting and lifechanging results. Jim has developed a system that works, and in one session, can take a person to the deepest experience of themselves and Source, moving them forward on their path of personal and spiritual evolution, opening creativity and indidividual self-expression like never before.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Empowerment Workshops        

Empowerment Workshop After the initial Private Session, the Empowerment Workshop takes the work to the next level by creating a group environment of emotional release where people look at their issues and understand how they relate to the collective, and their own personal history. This workshop is rich in miracles of healing and powerful personal transformation. Usually offered on a weekend, these two days represents for most people, the end of seeking, the end of trying to get fixed, and the beginning of their lives as a truly self-empoweredbeing. Call now for more information about this powerful 2-day event.

Practitioner Training        

After the Empowerment Workshop, many people feel the desire to learn this work and use it as a valuable tool to add to an existing set of skills, or to begin a professional practice. As you're learning the techniques, you are doing the profound clearing necesarry to stand at the table and bring this work to others. By the end of the 3 day training, you will be doing full private sessions on other participants in the class. This practice will grow along with you. It will become part of who you are, and even ten years from now, you will be able to use this work to help a friend, relative or client, perhaps one in a crisis, or one who is stuck and needs help breaking through. By learning this simple yet not sophisticated technique, you can make a powerful difference!

Integration Training        

This third level of training is based on an Ancient Egyptian Healing Technique, and clears the deepest emotional pain held in the body. It is a powerful adjunct to the sytem learned in the Practitioner Training. These four days may seem a little like torture, but clearing that deep pain from the body while you are learning to do it for others, takes you to places of healing that make you a more powerful and effective practitioner.

Transformational Shamanic Breathwork        

This breathwork system incorporates open-mouthed connected breathing, such as is used in holotropic or rebirthing; loud, evocative original music by James Hyman, designed to stimulate cellular memory; techniques of the Deep Emotional Release Bodywork; and other shamanic techniques to open up energy in the body and take you on a shamanic journey. This powerful evening workshop releases blocks, opens up a tremendous amount of energy in the body, and takes you on a profound shamanic journey into a deep state of meditation and bliss. Call now for more information about this powerful evening event

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