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Jason Light


Meditation is one of the most effective ways to reduce stress & achieve mental, physical & emotional well-being. This ancient holistic practice is gaining widespread support from conventional health experts around the world and has been used as a development tool by Jason for over 20 years.

City of Light & Golden Mountain are two unique guided meditation CDs designed to open and touch your heart while balancing and aligning your chakras, suitable for beginners and experienced meditators alike - listen weekly to further your own spiritual development, also works well for groups.

Soothing, peaceful, spiritual meditations For relaxation, Stress relief & Life Guidance, City of Light & Golden Mountain are available now on download.

Profile and Credentials        

Jason is a unique spiritual writer and poet who creates beautiful guided meditations that touch the emotions and open the heart to pure unconditional love.

Experienced meditators, people new to meditation and even people who would normally find it hard to open up to their emotions, all have genuine, unique experiences from listening to his work.

These guided meditations can be used frequently as self development tools, as the experience of the journey is different each and every time.

Having been a practitioner of various meditation techniques for over 20 years, Jason has taught many people from all over the world the benefits of meditation, and in that time has found that the quickest and most beneficial way to obtain deep levels of meditation is through creative visualisation.

In Jason's CD's you are taken on various journeys, each of which is a totally unique experience in itself, to discover and uncover details about yourself that will assist you to live a less stressful and much more meaningful life.

Philosophy and Comments        

"I feel completely blessed to have discovered you and your work.

The experience of being touched by your words and the music is unsurpassed"

Ann Richards (counsellor) - Mays Landing, NJ, USA.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

CITY OF LIGHT - Guided Meditation CD        

CITY OF LIGHT The amazing Guided Meditation CD by Jasun Set to the beautifully haunting music of Christopher Walcott and Aeoliah, Jasun takes you on a wonderful journey of discovery into the colours, visions and forgotten memories of your mind, before covering your being in a cloud of soothing colour. Both tracks are suitable for beginners and experienced meditators alike, and are perfect for classes and groups to easily access divine light and guidance.

GOLDEN MOUNTAIN - Guided Meditation CD        

The second long awaited Guided Meditation CD by Jasun with inspired atmospheric music by the brilliant New Age composer Neil H.Golden Mountain was created to help and enable the listener to release all of their blockages and emotional baggage from the past, through connecting with their higher self.Once again set to beautifully haunting music both of the tracks take you on wonderful journeys into the energies of nature and yourself.Golden Mountain allows you to conquer your fears, release your blocks andstep forward as a true being of light.While the second track Roots of Life allows you to join as one with our amazing planet, blendingwith nature and her energies while allowing you to ground and bond with the earth.An essential must for these changing times.


Meditation is a tool to be used by everyone whenever and wherever we chose, that not only allows us to relax and find an inner peace, calming both mind and body but it also enables us to go within giving us guidance in our daily lives which allows us to find the answers in life that we seek.

There are a wide variety of ways in which we can meditate; having practiced various meditation techniques for over 20 years the best way that I have found is to use creative visualisation.

Visualisation is what we do all the time when we think about something, whether it be a past experience or a newly created thought, a mental picture of the thought comes into your mind automatically allowing you to relate to the experience of what you are thinking about.

Creative visualisation is when you specifically create a thought that you haven't physically experienced to allow you to visualise an image, and with distance and time being no objects using creative visualisation you can go or be anywhere that you care to imagine.

We can use creative visualisation within our daily lives to relax or change our personal environment. Each time we meditate whether as part of a group or by ourselves we can personalise the experience by not only drawing on the past images and recalled senses from our memories but we can create any visualisation scenario that we can imagine in any colour of the rainbow that we choose and experience how it feels.

With my Guided Meditation CD's "City of Light" & "Golden Mountain" I enable you to do just that. Not only are you able to recall all of your past experiences but also gain insight into your true self's nature.

This for most people is not only an emotional experience but also a spiritually fulfilling journey to find the answers that we all seek.


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