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Jasmin Jahal



4037 N. Milwaukee Avenue
Chicago, IL 60641
United States
T: 773-777-4037


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Jasmin Jahal School of Dance Inc.


Professional performances, classes, workshops and shows by Chicago's incomparable, internationally-famous artist, Jasmin Jahal. The Jasmin Jahal School of Dance is a unique dance studio that was featured by Chicago Magazine to be the "Best of Chicago". It is a haven for those who love the arts of the Middle East, including classical belly dance, folkloric dances of the Middle East, Tribal Fusion belly dance, East Indian, and Yoga, and more!

Profile and Credentials        

Jasmin Jahal is an international artist specializing in Egyptian dance. She studied classical ballet since the age of four and turned her focus to Middle Eastern dance in 1978. She was coached by the finest instructors and choreographers from Egypt and Lebanon, and she mentored under dane master Ibrahim Farrah. Based on 20 years of experience, Jasmin is heralded as an excellent teacher and performer. She has earned many awards including "Best Modern Egyptian Dancer" by IAMED and "Instructor of the Year" by Zaghareet Magazine. In Chicago, Jasmin directs the only school of dance that strictly promotes the ART of belly dance, and also produces instructional and performance videos and DVDs. She is accredited by the IL Arts Council, and provides schools and colleges throughout the Midwest with exciting, tasteful lecture/demonstrations/performances.

Philosophy and Comments        

Jasmin Jahal enriches her audience by sharing with them the rich history of an ancient art form. Her expertise, experience and friendly professionalism opens the hearts and entices the mind with the beauty that can be found in the Middle East. She promotes Egyptian dance with quality, dignity and grace. Jasmin's goal is to elevate Middle Eastern dance into the theater and make audiences of all ethnicity and dancers of all types appreciate and respect its artistry.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Weekly classes at the Jasmin Jahal School of Dance run 7-days-a-week. There's a class time that fits everyone's schedule, including weekdays, evenings and weekends. An extensive schedule is offered including beginner through professional levels of belly dance classes, plus Bellydance aerobics, Tribal Fusion, East Indian, Yoga, and Mother-Daughter belly dance classes, as well as several children and preteen classes. Classes run on a 6-week basis and fees vary according to the number of classes you register for.

School and University Lecture/Demonstrations        

Jasmin Jahal is honored to be sponsored and accredited by the Illinois Arts Council. She has organized many lectures on the history of Middle Eastern dance and presented many educational performances from grammar to high school to college level. Performances range from 20 minutes to 2 hours in length and options include live drum accompaniment and group dances of both classical priental and folkloric dance by the Jasmin Jahal Dance Company.

VHS and DVDs        

Jasmin Jahal produces professional award-winning instructional videotapes and DVDs for educational and entertainment purposes. You many visit her website to purchase these fine films.

Belly Dance Boutique        

The Jasmin Jahal School of Dance offers a wonderful boutique of belly dance accessories, costumes, veils, leotards, jewelry, T-shirts, finger cymbals and music!


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