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Joseph Crane, M.A. NCGR IV



Lexington, Mass 02472
United States
T: 781 674 0044 ext 4




Astrology Institute


We are a unique and very special Astrology school. The Astrology Institute has been training astrologers and devoted students of Astrology for over 14 years, with over 100 graduates. The faculty all have a strong background in the educational field so you know you will receive top rate and enjoyable classes. The Institute offers a Holistic Astrology Certificate Program, Special Topic Workshops, training in Traditional Astrology, and tutorials in person or by phone and e-mail. Astrology consultations for individuals, couples and businesses have been a specialty for over 15 years.

Profile and Credentials        

Joseph C. Crane, M.A., Director Joseph is a noted astrologer and psychotherapist who has spoken and written about astrology on the national level. A long-standing Buddhist practitioner with a graduate degree in Gestalt and Integrated Psychotherapy, he brings a classical approach to astrological technique, blending traditional and contemporary methods. As a humanistically-oriented astrologer, he emphasizes the personal interaction between astrologer and client. He is the author of A Practical Guide to Traditional Astrology. He is a Certified Astrologer, NCGR IV Dorian Gieseler Greenbaum, M.A., Core Faculty. Dorian is a Certified Astrologer, NCGR IV, and has been teaching and consulting professionally since 1992 She has a B.A. in Classics from Douglass College, Rutgers University and an M.A. in History (Egyptology) from Columbia University. She is also a translator for Rob Hand's ARHAT, having published Late Classical Astrology: Paulus Alexandrinus and Olympiodorus in 2001. Most recently, she has been studying the ancient concept of temperament and its application in astrology. Her article, "How Ancient Astrology Viewed the Lunar Cycle" will be part of Llewellyn's 2004 Moon Sign Book. She will lecture both nationally and internationally in 2003-4. Visit her website at www.classicalastrology.org. Jill-laurie Crane, M.A., Core Faculty Jill-laurie has an M.A. in Holistic Counseling and Archetypal Psychology. Her training includes Gestalt, Psychosynthesis, and spiritual psychology, dreamwork, transformational and Applied Resonance Kinesiology. She is a psychotherapist, personal and professional coach, and astrologer, who brings to her practice a background in Buddhist psychology and studies in Native American teachings. She is editor of the Astrology Institute Newsletter.

Philosophy and Comments        

Students have said: The school is a community as well as a school, It is truly focused on the education of all of its students, helping them develop their own particular talents in this fascinating field." "The Certificate Program is an exellent integration of training in modern and traditional astrology. This is an outstanding program that provides an understanding of the history of astgrology as well as extensive training in interpretation and application. I have been very impressed with the depth and breadth of this program." "A stimulating and well rounded program. The close working relationships between the students themselves and between the styudents and teachers provides an excellent environment for learning"

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Courses and Workshops as well as astrological consultations for individuals, couples or businesses are offered on a sliding scale.





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