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Jeanie Marshall



1223 Wilshire Boulevard #300
Santa Monica, CA 90403
United States


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Jeanie Marshall


Experience Jeanie Marshall's voice in empowering guided meditations. Her soothing voice prompts you to listen to your own inner wisdom. She guides with words, yet it is her voice that makes these guided meditations such a powerful relaxation technique. Guided meditation is one empowerment practice that you can use on its own or to enhance other strategies. You'll feel a sense of empowerment, a greater awareness of well-being, and a deep relaxation.

Profile and Credentials        

Jeanie Marshall has an M.S. in Human Resource Development and Organization Development. She facilitates private consultations by telephone throughout the world, appears as a guest on television and radio shows, and has produced guided meditations on audio cassette tapes, CD albums and MP3 files. She has been actively involved in the human potential movement and organizational development for more than twenty years as a mentor, coach, facilitator, energy worker, organizational development consultant, personal development consultant, and writer.

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Guided Meditations on CD Albums and MP3 Downloads        

"Balance the Energies" is created especially for you if you are a first-time meditator or are experiencing Jeanie’s Focused Energy Work for the first time. Intended to be used anytime during the day, it covers all the elements outlined in the Process. Before you begin this guided meditation, you may find it helpful to identify the activity you want to engage in following the meditation. However, this meditation is just as effective if you use it to inspire you into your next activity.

Disc or File 1 Jeanie's voice with Tranquil by Jack Waldenmaier 20 min. 23 sec.

Disc or File 2 Jeanie's voice alone 20 min. 16 sec.

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"The Confidence of Feeling Good" is a Focused Energy Work Guided Meditation, which is created for you if you are a busy or overwhelmed person who wants to feel greater confidence and balance in your life. While some individuals may find this an appropriate sleep meditation, it's designed for use during the day when your desire is to move from the meditation to a work or home activity, feeling more invigorated.

Disc or File 1 Jeanie's voice with Atmospheres by Chestnut Mills 28 min. 20 sec.

Disc or File 2 Jeanie's voice alone 27 min. 40 sec.

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"Listen to the Whisper in your Sleep" lulls you into sleep. Whether it is easy or difficult for you to find rest in your sleep, this powerful meditation will relax you and invite sleep. If you think that you might be tempted to stay awake to listen to the words, we suggest that you first listen to the guided visualization when you are fully awake, sitting up with your favorite caffeinated beverage. Then when you want to use it for sleep, you'll tune in to the consciousness of the words, the music -- if you choose to listen to the version with the background music -- and Jeanie's soothing voice.

Disc or File 1 Jeanie's voice with The Music Bakery October '98, by Jack Waldenmaier 22 min. 18 sec.

Disc or File 2 Jeanie's voice alone 20 min. 52 sec.

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"The Golden Pool of Abundance" is a powerful guided visualization meditation which helps you to tap into and use the infinite Source of energy, Abundance. It’s essential that you focus on what you want to increase or enhance, rather than what you do not want. Since this meditation ends quietly, it’s appropriate for sleep. It can also be used in the middle of the day, helping you to be invigorated and replenished.

Disc or File 1 Jeanie's voice with Breath of Time II by Charles Vald and Soothing Waters by Partners in Rhyme 38 min. 49 sec.

Disc or File 2 Jeanie's voice alone 37 min. 13 sec.

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