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Joanie Wolfe



7-1300 Ioco Road
Ioco (Port Moody), BC V3H 5B2
T: 604-469-7825


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An Energyworker and Spiritual Teacher, Joanie offers Private and Distance Energywork Sessions. She facilitates Energy Workshops, regular Attunement Circles (1st Sundays) and Meditation & Mindfulness Evenings (3rd Wednesdays), and 1-day retreats (Deepening Our Connection with Energy and Source, October 27, 2007).

An Attunement Practitioner and a Vibrational Healing Practitioner in private practice, Joanie works intuitively offering others help and support in working through emotional and psychological blocks, reconnecting with spirit, and rediscovering meaningfulness and purpose in their lives. She enhances her work with other studies, such as Reiki, Lightwork, The Course in Miracles, meditation, chanting, yoga, and more.

Profile and Credentials        

  • Attunement Practitioner
  • Vibrational Healing Practitioner
  • a Lightworker
  • a Facilitator of:
    Attunement Circles
    Meditation & Mindfulness Circles
    Energy Workshops
  • A Course in Miracles
  • meditation, chanting, yoga, and numerous courses/workshops in psychology, alternative therapies, and healing arts, such as Reiki, Dreamhealer Workshops, Enlightenment Intensives, Shadow Healing, and more.

Philosophy and Comments        

Energywork releases blockages and enhances the flow of energy in the body.

Everything consists of energy.
Matter is energy, which consists of atoms.
An atom consists of 99+% space; and atoms attach to atoms, which creates matter.
So how is it that matter is solid? What is it that holds everything together? What holds our bodies together? What is thought; what is consciousness? What makes us sick; what makes us healthy? We know that matter is energy vibrating at a slower rate, but why? How do we find the answers to such questions? The answers lie within.

Atoms attach to atoms, molecules attach to molecules, cells attach to cells and, much like the patterns of atoms, we too have patterns--patterns of attachment.
From the time of conception onward, we attach to people, places, things, behaviours and defences, thoughts and beliefs, identities.

We become conditioned through our experiences. As time goes by, our reactions and responses become more ingrained. We become more polarized in our way of being, qualifying everything in life as either positive or negative, good or bad, a like or dislike. We may even have learned how to fool ourselves without any conscious awareness of this.

As our physical bodies become denser, our vibrational frequencies become slower. Dis-eases we experience in life are reflections of the patterns that are stored in our bodies. Emotional, physical, or psychological dis-ease is an indicator of resistance and blockages.

Energywork increases the flow of energy in the body, setting the stage for healing and transformation.
It facilitates body, mind, and spirit integration and reconnects us with our deep sense of knowing.

Energywork blends the visible with the invisible and, with this, comes peace.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

  • Personal Sessions are available in Ioco (Port Moody) Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays; evening appointments are also possible ($75 per session; sessions run a minimum of 50-minutes; see below for other particulars).
  • Pre-arranged Distance Sessions are available at $40 per session (about 30 minutes).

Joanie and her partner, Michael, also work as a team. Tandem Energywork intensifies and deepens the experience and its effect.

Payment is by cash or cheque, and sliding-scale fees are available by special arrangement. The fee for Michael's part in the equation is by donation.

Please phone for an appointment.





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