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JoyRae Freeman

JoyRae Freeman


Shoreline, WA 98177
United States
T: 206-417-8778
F: 877-778-5496


Integrated mind-body-spirit healing using a composite of modalities/techniques including: Divine Light Electromagnetic Healing Energy; Hypnotherapy, NLP, Reiki, Laser Reiki, CEH (Cosmic Energy, Healing), Quantum Touch, herbology, Qi Gong, Communications Coaching, Workshops/Retreats, Spiritual Business Consulting, Radio Producer, Singles Spirituality.

Specializations: pain, injury, back/hip adjustment/restoration, arthritic conditions, strained and torn muscles, carpel tunnel, structural alignment, past life regressions, virus and fungal conditions, soul integration, emotional blockages, neuro-rewiring, childhood issues, couples coaching, relationship issues, smoking and other addictions, weight management, digestive disorders, reproductive organ conditions.

Release blockages

Clear Aura

Chakra Tune Up

Release Pain

Increase Vitality

Improve Mental Clarity

Open to higher potential

Move your vibration up a notch to maximize the laws of attraction


Profile and Credentials        

JoyRae Freeman is a Spiritual Warrior, Master Healer, Writer, Radio Producer, Retreat & Workshop Facilitator, Business Consultant, Matchmaker, Ordained Minister and Healer. Healing modalities and certifications include:

1992 - Qi Gong Master & Instructor

1996 -Divine Light – Electromagnetic Energy, a natural energy gift received direct from Source

1997-1999 - Herbology

1999 - Certified Hypnotherapist/Certified NLP Practitioner

2001 - Reiki Master/Instructor

2001 Advanced Quantum Touch and Herbology.

2003 - Laser Reiki Master VII


Philosophy and Comments        

I believe that everyone has the right and the responsibility to become whole, since it affects the greater oneness and wellbeing of the planet. When the individual is ready, the healer's work can begin.

JoyRae’s journey into understanding universal law was greatly expedited when she was called upon in 1987 to assist with creating the book “Project Earth”, a metaphysical primer, channeled through Eileen Wright, a close friend, and spirit sister. As a continuing student of humanity and metaphysics, JoyRae has expertise in astrology and other self awareness topics. One of her greatest rewards is in empowering others.

During 1996 - a powerful activation of healing electromagnetic energy was received during a meditation and gradually, this gift has unfolded into higher and higher vibrations - which are now regularly used in healing others.

Her weekly radio program "Joy to the World" has won an international Communicator award two years in a row and is currently planned for web-casting/syndication. The show's format is a potpourri of inspiration, folksy philosophy, humor, poetry, story telling and political commentary woven together with music. Currently in a re-launch mode into pod casting and web casting. A sample of full hour programs online http://www.joy2u.org/9.html

The spiritual work takes many forms – transformative projects, wedding/funeral officiating, workshops/retreats, classes, writing, individual & group healing sessions.

JoyRae has a strong belief that we can create a better world TOGETHER and now is the time.

Transformational Workshops & Retreats include: Rei-Ki-Gong I, II & III - A Healer In Every Family ~~ Conscious Mating - Creating Couples For A Better World ~~ Woman - Awaken to Your Power! - Embracing The Godess Within ~~~ Give Me Back My Body! - Reclaiming Your Holy Vessel

JoyRae has a strong belief that we can create a better world TOGETHER – each one is needed to complete the whole. It’s never been more possible nor more critical to do so.







Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Mon-Fri 9 AM - 7 PM

Sat - 10 AM - 5 PM

Sun - 1 PM - 5 PM

The number of required treatments depends on the severity and longevity of the condition. In many cases, one or two sessions can result in dramatic improvement of the issue; chronic cases usually take several treatments. The rate is $60 for 30 minutes, $120 full hour. All Major Credits Cards & PayPal accepted

SOUL JOURNEY ~ Regression ~ Hypnotherapy NLP        

Hypnotherapy can be used for wide range of empowerment and well being needs.

Hypnotherapy and NLP are complimentary modalities and are often combined for client benefit.

During a past life session – we explore the root causes of current lifetime issues such as fears, relationship disharmony, inner conflict, physical limitations, limiting behavioral patterns and pain. Through the understanding and shifted perspective gained in this process – the client most often is able to release the blockages and imbalances that show up in the present lifetime.

With the ‘clearing’ of the obstacles – the client reaches a higher level of peace, forgiveness and can move forward with their life.

NLP and Hypnotherapy sessions are effective for assisting clients to shift in many categories – not limited to the following: Relaxation, Addictions, Anxiety, Confidence, Relationship Issues, Stress Management, Weight Loss, Insomnia, Overcoming Unwanted Habits . .


Rei-Ki-Gong I, II & III - A HEALER IN EVERY FAMILY! Imagine how much harmony and wellbeing we could create in our communities – if stress, pain, anxiety and blockages were prevented or removed AS they occur! SIMPLE & AFFORDABLE! *Rei-Ki-Gong is a blend of QiGong and Reiki techniques. Raise your Chi level - strength, vitality, clarity, retard aging AND receive Reiki I, II, III attuments for healing of self and others. Two day workshops $350 .00 includes lunch, certification, attunements – Joy Rae Freeman, Master Healer, QiGong & Reiki Master Instructor www.reikigong.net joyrae@joy2u.org 206-417-8778


WOMAN – AWAKEN TO YOUR POWER! – Step into Goddess Warrior energy, Journey to inner wisdom, express your unlimited self and true deepest needs, learn to use the laws of attraction to manifest what you want, break clear of patriarchal restrictions, detach from responsibilities FOR others, release pain and blockages from abuse and neglect, weave your natural gifts into the tapestry of creating a better world. Your sisters, brothers, humanity and the children of the future are calling to you - please! Weekend Intensive –$450 includes meals, shared room. Joy Rae Freeman www.womanawaken.net www.joy2u.org joyrae@joy2u.org 206-417-8778


GIVE ME BACK MY BODY! – Reclaim your body's wholeness, health, become the ageless body -timeless mind, begin to reverse aging, illness and disease, open to your integrated, creative and dynamic self, heal relationships, release negative patterns, recreate your relationship with your body, healing meditations, critical biochemistry factors, sacred journeying, dance, ceremony, projects. Weekend Intensive – www.givemebackmybody.net $450 includes shared room, meals Joy Rae Freeman www.joy2u.org joyrae@joy2u.org 206-417-8778

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