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Jeff Schoener, The NLP™ Wordsmythe™

Jeffrey Schoener


66 Witherspoon St. #110
Princeton, NJ 08542
United States


Neuro-Enhancement Strategies, Inc. with Jeff Schoener, The NLP Wordsmythe™.

Re-Educate Mind-Body Processes with Whole-Brain Learning™.

Profile and Credentials        

JEFF SCHOENER, the NLP™ Wordsmythe™, has been involved in teaching personal growth, awareness skills, removal of fear and other limitations at workshops in New Jersey, Florida, Seattle and Los Angeles and to private clients from around the U.S.

As a licensed NLP™ trainer and DHE™ practitioner, having studied directly under the world-renowned Dr. Richard Bandler and John La Valle, he utilizes the extraordinary skills he has learned, successfully incorporating them along with his own insightful teachings and experience. With the endorsement of Richard Bandler, Jeff is the recipient of the only NLP™ Wordsmythe License Certificate by the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Creating a unique methodology for personal growth and success called Whole-Brain Learning™, which utilizes brain-language as a vital and central vehicle to profoundly bring about positive change, Jeff Schoener, The NLP™ Wordsmythe has been achieving great success with his clients.

Philosophy and Comments        

Now you can learn the vital and essential skills you need to re-educate your mind and body to manage the unfamiliar territories of all aspects of change. In turn, you can gain the freedom you deserve, in spite of and beyond the limitations of fear, compulsions and hurtful behavioural patterns. First realize that you can learn to do more than you think possible. Jeff Schoener’s methods of training will greatly enhance the abilities you already have, allowing you to access the tools you need to create a more fulfilling life, while adding value to all of it.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Call for your free evaluation 888-847-3696.

Utilizing Whole-Brain Learning™, Jeff Schoener will tailor a program for profound change, for your specific needs, wants or desires. With creative exercises, you will be lead through those things that seemingly stand in your way, to where your dreams begin to come true effortlessly!

Take Jeff Schoener With You on Audio CDs        

Aside from the personal benefits in behavioral and physical health that many people have received from Jeff’s private sessions, he has also created and produced along with his wife and partner, Natalie a series of workshops on audio CDs. These were created with the idea that many can listen to, experience and learn skills within the privacy of their homes.

Aspects of Healing        

Jeff Schoener has been working with several support groups for Parkinson's Disease, Stroke and other Movement Disorders with these combined techniques, creating Moving Beyond Limitations™. Contact him to learn how his methodologies can help enhance mobility from these disabilities.

888-847-3696 or e-mail jeff_schoener@nlpwordsmythe.com



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