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PO Box 1207
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J.P. Winsor


Hemi-Sync is a sound therapy product that reinforces more beneficial brainwave patterns using a patented, non-intrusive binaural beat sound process. Users and practitioners alike have found numerous Hemi-Sync® titles effective for improving sleep, managing stress, exploring consciousness, and discovering and dealing with emotional blocks.

Profile and Credentials        

J.P. Winsor is an Intuitive Counselor and Hemi-Sync Consultant serving a broad, global base of customers since 1994. Her mission is to facilitate self-explorers in their journey through "peeling the onion skin" using the power of Hemi-Sync technology.

Philosophy and Comments        

"Sincere effort to helping people re-direct and focus attention towards productive endeavors and goals, no matter what their situation in life, transcending borders, territories, and most of all, personal doubt"

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Phone Consultation or email - $50.00 per hour





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