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June Marshall-Kingsley



P.O. Box 1472
Park Ridge, NJ 07656
United States
T: 201-505-1133


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June Marshall


I take you on a deep spiritual exploration within your soul to discover your past lives. Your present life is but one surface of a many-faceted crystal. Each life you lead affects your perspective and colors your thinking in a particular way. I assist you in gaining valuable wisdom and knowledge by contacting your spiritual essence through the ages. You will be able to tap into memories to understand your growth and spiritual evolution.

I introduce you to your Spirit Guide, your Master Teacher, and to a more aware aspect of yourself. Your success will depend upon your willingness to permit such an experience to manifest itself in your conscious mind.

Profile and Credentials        

I have been doing past lives regression since 1980 for individuals and groups. My technique has been augmented by spiritual study at the feet of teachers, gurus, sadhus and sanyasis in the Himalayas and on my journeys from the southern tip of India to the northern-most regions.

Philosophy and Comments        

Through reliving previous existences, you can awaken talent you haven't used for centuries, find relief from physical or emotional pain, improve your relationships, and gain insight into your present-day problems. By unlocking the secrets of the past, you can heal your life today.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

$75 for each 1-hour session. Flexible schedule.





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