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Steve Kodad


3217 Colonel Springs Way
Fort Mill, SC 29708
United States
T: 803-802-2255

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Certified Feng Shui Practitioner focusing on the residential home and business offices. Improvement and manipulation of positive energy, and also helping a home appeal to potential home buyers.

Profile and Credentials        

Certified Feng Shui Practitioner

Studied with Helen and James Jay, Holly Ziegler, Karen Rauch Carter, and Nancilee Wydra.

Certified Home Stager

Licensed Real Estate Agent for over 17 years in New Jersey, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

Owner/Broker of mid-size real estate company (21 agents) in Charlotte, North Carolina.


FSSP (Feng Shui Staging Professional)

GRI (Graduate Realtor Institute)

ABR (Accredited Buyer's Representative)

CNHS (Certified New Home Specialist)

MS (Master's Degree in Business Education)

BS (Bachlors in Mathematics)

AD (Associate Degree in Computer Technology)

Philosophy and Comments        

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        


A Feng Shui home consultation takes between 2 to 4 hours, depending on the size of the area. A consultation begins with a walk through the entire area to access the actual flow of energy. The second time through focuses on the balance of Yin/Yang in each room. Often bedroom colors and arrangements are the cause of poor sleep. The bedroom and bed position alone can have multiple effects on a family’s health and success.

The third passage through the space is to check the balance of The Five Elements. Many homes have too much of one or two elements and little or none of other elements. This creates the feeling of something missing or out of balance. Many homes and offices give off these feelings when you walk into their space. Anytime an environment gives this feeling, it makes a person feel uneasy, distracted, and sometimes depressed.

The last time through the space, we check the particular areas of the home using the energy template called the Bagua. This gives us more information about how the house is being used and the changes that are needed.

The fee for a Home Consultation is based on the size of the home. The minimum charge is $250 for a home up to 2000 square feet. For larger homes, please call for a quote.


For the last 10 years in the United States, Feng Shui has been used a lot to get a home ready for sale. It has been shown over and over that Feng Shui changes the way a home “feels” to a potential buyer. There are two parts to a consultation for the selling of a home. The first thing I do is Feng Shui the outside! Simple changes can have a powerful effect to “attracting” more traffic into your home.

The second thing I do is to Feng Shui the inside…focusing on the three most important areas of the house, and choosing one other area, depending on the type of house. Every house is different, and the fourth area depends on its strengths.

Preparing a home for sale is a lot like doing a Home Consultation, but is totally bent to achieving a wonderful, comforting, first impression. As they say in the world of real estate…buyers makes up their minds within the first 15 seconds whether to consider your home as a potential home for themselves.

The fee for this service varies depending on size of the home. The minimum fee is $250. If you have a real estate agent you are working with, have them call for a quote and my special guarantee/pricing.


Often a space clearing needs to be considered when moving into an existing building that has had some past negative or unusual experiences. It is always to your benefit to actually know about the previous inhabitants. Did their business go poorly, was there a messy divorce, did someone die there, did they have a bankruptcy, etc.? Moving into a home where a person HAD success (promotion, married, etc.) is positive, but too often a person or family will re-locate to an environment that has some BAD Chi. This atmosphere needs to be lifted, renewed, and made balanced again.

If you do not know the past of an environment, a space clearing may be the best way for you to be sure, but also the best way to begin.

The fee for a space clearing varies depending on the size of the area. A minimum charge is $250, which includes all of the materials needed. Please call for a quote.


Any business can have their bottom line improved by having a Feng Shui consultation. As with selling a home, a business consultation can attract new customers and improve the quality of the working environment.

Working as a team and getting along are characteristics that must be in place for an office or business to keep improving. Feng Shui can create an environment in which these qualities are fostered and nurtured.

A business consultation is handled a lot like a home consultation…just with profitability, motivation, and relationships as the primary focus.

A business consultation fee varies on size of space. Minimum charge is $300. Please call for a quote.


Whether you are a potential homebuyer for new construction or an existing home, you can “head off” future problems by following the advice of a Feng Shui Practitioner. Some homes have REAL problems with regards to the actual flow of energy. This poor flow can come back to influence your health and success. Being out of balance, some homes are just built this way and may need to be avoided.

By looking at your blueprints or a model, I can make sure certain problems are handled for you. The position of the street, the shape of the lot, the proximity to certain features can all create BIG problems for you and your family.

Is the staircase in the wrong place, is the bathroom placed poorly, is the view a negative, is there another house that is a problem? Many, many questions need to be answered to ensure your family’s success.

Fees start at $150. Call for a quote.


Call for times and dates to attend one of my many Feng Shui presentations given throughout the area.

A lecture or workshop can be set up specially for any group activity. I have powerful Power Point presentations created for Real Estate Agents, School Teachers, and an Introduction to Feng Shui. Fees will vary.


"The property had been listed with two other real estate agents for over a year. They had many showings but no offers. When I listed the property, we also had many showings but no offers. Upon hearing Steve Kodad speak on Feng Shui and the marketing of real estate, I knew what property I needed him for. Steve met me at the home and walked me through each area of the property. He then gave some detailed instructions on how we could improve the feng shui staging for prospective buyers. The sellers were enthusiastic and did all of the work. Within less than a month, we had an accepted contract on the property. The sellers were ecstatic. I will definitely use Steve again on any property which needs some help in staging." -- David Hill, ReMax Executive Realty

"Steve's consultation really impressed me and my husband. Steve spent a LOT of time at our home, and then wrote up an in-depth easy-to-follow prescription to improve our home's energy and atmosphere. We have remarked after a couple of weeks, how much better it feels. " -- Tony Atkinson, Charlotte

"We had our home on the market for over 4 months with no luck, and decided to change Realtors. We chose Steve because of a friend. We were already out of the house living in Winston Salem. Steve used some house props in certain areas of our vacant home. Within four days we had an offer! This Feng Shui seems to have something to it." -- Ron and Denise Carroll, Winston Salem

"Steve came out to our home and prescribed some simple changes to two rooms and our backyard. Within a few weeks, some amazing things just happened. I'm a believer now!" -- Danielle Roberts, Charlotte

"Thank you for delivering such a thorough and helpful presentation on the history and practice of feng shui. Our program participants were very intrigued with the information you presented....The handouts, especially the overlay of the Bagua, were a great idea. So often, our program's impact ends when the program is over. In this case, you left your audience craving a little bit more interaction by encouraging them to take home the overlay and try it on their own home.... Again, congratulations on a successful program. We certainly will look for opportunities to work with you again in the future." -- Mary Beth Ausman, Education Coordinator, The Mint Museum

"We placed our home on the market with Steve Kodad in the dead of winter. We were concerned that our timing was not good, but we needed to get to Ohio because of a transfer. Steve explained to us about Feng Shui, and what it may do. We were willing to try (anything!). Within three weeks, at an open house, we received TWO offers...one for full price! Thanks Steve! -- Jack and Leesa Wallace, Cincinnati

"Steve did a feng shui lecture/question and answer session at Unity of Charlotte and it was fabulous. His presentation was excellent and he used visuals that made everything clear and easy to understand even for a novice....the information he brought to us was very useful for our homes, office, new building, etc. We were very impressed with his knowledge and how skillfully he presented the ideas. This is one lecture you don't want to miss." -- Judy Tillotson, Unity of Charlotte Events Chairman

"I've known Steve for some time, but when I decided to sell my home...and he talked about something called Feng Shui...I was more than a little dubious. Well, I took his comments to heart, made all of the changed he asked for, and had my home shown 10 times in one week, with three "second" showings, and it sold in 3 weeks!! His advice on bringing in a little color in certain rooms, planting some flowers in strategic locations, and saying some kind of prayer worked wonders...that's all I can say!" -- Nancy Lawson, Charlotte

Stephen, Thanks for all your help in making our "dream home" a reality. You are truly a professional." -- Gary & Diane, Charlotte, North Carolina




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