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Mary Latela



P.O. Box 518
Alfred, ME 04002
United States
T: 207-490-1041


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Mary Latela, M.Div.


Mary Latela, M.Div., is a prolific self-help author, Personal Healing Counselor, focusing on the spiritual dimension of human problems. Areas addressed: Healing from Abuse; Self-Empowerment; Spiritual Centering; Rebuilding Shattered Faith; Support for Professional Caregivers.

Modalities: EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), stress reduction techniques, Reiki, guided imagery, energy work, talk therapy, journaling, role-play. She works with people on site, over the phone, and through email.

Profile and Credentials        

M.Div., Yale University

Ordained Minister

Advanced Reiki Practitioner

EFT (Acupressure, Emotional Freedom Teachniques) Practitioner

Certified pastoral Counselor

Author of thirteen published healing and recovery books.

Breaking the Boxes: An Open Spirituality is her new book, which moves beyond organized religion to assist those who have suffered or those who are seeking with new ways to be in touch with the sacred. www.PublishAmerica.com

Philosophy and Comments        

My core values center around: the spiritual basis for human healing; self-empowerment for healing, wholeness, goal actualization; and compassion as a universal tool for individuals, groups, and the cosmos.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Flexible schedule; sliding scale fees





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