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Kristen Ernst



9070 E. Gary Rd. Unit 130
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
United States




Life Path Tees


How Do I Find My Life Path Number?

It's easy... just add up the numbers of your birth date.

REMEMBER to include the full year (e.g., 9+2+6+1+9+7+3).

For a birthday of Sept. 26th, 1973, type it in just like in the EXAMPLE below.

(Every 2 or 3 digit sum then must be added together to form a single digit:

9+2+6+1+9+7+3 = 37 :: 3+7 = 10 :: 1+0 = 1 Life Path)

Life Path Tees are inspired by a person's numerology, specifically his/her Life Path Number. I designed the line of tees and jewelry based on my passion for numbers and am grateful to be able to share them with the YOU!

Profile and Credentials        

What Is a Life Path Number?

A Life Path Number is the most significant vibration one must connect with and play out in life to feel deep satisfaction, balance and happiness.

Think of a life path number as your umbrella... it's the most important vibration hovering over & governing your life and pretty much makes up WHO YOU ARE. Pythagoras (ancient mathematician, philosopher and scientist) said that everything in the Universe vibrates at a certain energy wave frequency and that everything seen and unseen in the world can be reduced to a number... a single wave of energy.

Ahhhhh... and numerology was born!

Philosophy and Comments        

Life Path Tees Philosophy

So, it all started with a passion... a grand passion for numbers and how they relate to us as human beings. I always knew there was something else behind simply being a person with cream colored flesh and blood coursing thru my veins. There had to be a deeper design and make-up of all our species. And then one day it HIT ME and sunk in... ENERGY! We're all energy... but what makes up energy? VIBRATION... and what's behind the vibration and how do we measure it? Yes, that's right, NUMBERS! So, in essence, we truly are just a series of numbers :) But we're all different numbers and energy waves, and we all vibrate at different frequencies. HOW AMAZING WE TRULY ARE! In knowing that, I had to capture it in a physical form — a form in which I could use my creativity & design background; my passion for numerology and my love of truly connecting with other individuals — and so it is... Life Path Tees is born.

Enjoy my products! I hope they make you feel like the amazing number that you are! More importantly, I hope I have inspired you to connect with & get to know yourself better through numerology (or whatever modality you choose). Numerology truly is an amazing science and the most fascinating way that I've come to learn about myself (and others) throughout the years. If I can be of more assistance to you in learning about numerology or if you'd like to speak with me about a numerology reading, please e-mail me.

I am so grateful to be able to live my passion & I wish the same for you and every other being on this planet. When we are living our dreams and realizing our passions, we are JUST happier people. Think about it... Here is some simple math:

Learning + growing = knowing.

Happy = more happy & Love = more love.

And for me, passion + happy + love = Life Path Tees.

All my love, happiness, joy & gratitude-


Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Aside from designing a line of inspirational tees, Kristen is also a creative services business owner in Scottsdale, AZ. She has 6 years of professional experience working with businesses nationwide involving: graphics, web design, interactive marketing materials, photography and more!

Visit: http://www.onegirlsart.com for more info or e-mail to: kristen@onegirlsat.com





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