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Sara Phillips



Berkeley, CA 94702
United States
T: (510) 841-5688




Lobelia Soap Company


Decadent soaps your skin will love, and sensuous perfumes to elevate the senses. Our products are naturally earth-friendly, all scented with pure essential oils and essences. No synthetic ingredients are used. No plastic packaging is used. We also offer soothing bath salts, luxurious bath fizzies, and rich balms featuring the finest shea butter. Take time to rediscover the ritual of the bath, and of taking time for yourself. You deserve it!

Profile and Credentials        

Sara has been making soap and perfecting her recipes to optimize gentleness and lather for over five years, and has produced a complementary line of emollient balms, bath salt products, and perfumes, which all follow the same philosophy: make something that most everyone can use and enjoy, which is free of chemical additives, synthetic ingredients, and which has minimal impact on the environment.

Philosophy and Comments        

Lobelia Soap Company was founded in the interest of producing the best natural and earth-friendly bodycare products possible. A percentage of our customers are those who are no longer able to use commercially-produced soaps, lotions, bath products, or perfumes, due to the synthetic chemicals content.

We put a lot of work and lavish ingredients into our products. From soaps like our Rosalina Shampoo which contains kaolin clay which aids in clean rinsing after shampooing, to our Tea Tree Mud Cake which contains a layer of spa-quality moor mud for gentle scrubbing to amend the wonder tea tree essential oil. Other specialty ingredients include rhassoul clay, Dead Sea mud, unrefined shea butter, babassu oil, unrefined avocado oil, and silk.

Our Perfumes from Nature line, which includes solid perfumes as well as liquid, is a testament to nature being the greatest alchemist. We blend our perfumes from essential oils, floral absolutes, and concretes, and carry them in a solid base of beeswax w/ jojoba, and in perfumer's spirits.

It is the little things that enrich our lives, at times, and sometimes the greatest gift to yourself is that of time. Taking time out of the day to pamper yourself, and treat yourself well, works wonders.

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