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Birth in the Tradition/ Mother's Keeper

Sarahn Henderson, TM


Atlanta, GA 30349
United States
T: 770-997-7088


Birth in the Tradition TM, and Mother's Keeper Inc. is a community based Midwifery, Labor and Post Partum Doula/Montrice service offering prenatal, birth and postpartum services to low risk mother's in Georgia since 1980. Individualized, customized, and holistic prenatal care is provided on a personal basis. This includes prenatal support, nutritional guidance, prenatal education, labor assistance, in-home visitations, postpartum and newborn education, breast feeding support and referrals to outside resources to support a healthy pregnancy, birth and postpartum recovery for the new mom. A team of professionals are available to meet your need which includes your Midwife, her assistant, an apprentice, OBGYN, Pediatrician, Lactation Specialist, Natural Childbirth Instructor, Labor and Post Partum Doula's, Herbalist and Natural Path Doctor.
Specialties include, VBAC's, Water Birth, Lotus Birth, Placenta Encapsulation, Birth Photography, Herbal Knowledge & use, Belly Casting, Blessingways Planning, and Traditional Birthing Practices from various parts of the world. Birth in the Tradition believes in returning birth to the family. This is the culmination and beginning of journey which began with the couple. The midwife is here to support the normalcy and naturalness of a healthy pregnancy and birth to the very best of her ability. She is not take over birth unless her midwifery skills are required. At the same time, she is there to provide the comfort, wisdom and expertise of her craft, knowledge and skills appropriately. Prenatal care begins once a mutual agreement has been made between the midwife and her client and continues six weeks after birth. In many cases an extended family relationship continues a lifetime.

Profile and Credentials        

I began my journey as a birth assistant in 1980. After giving birth to my first child (Satori) I was invited to attend my midwifes birth. Shortly after that I found myself being sought after as an Assistant. I began studying with the same midwife who had invited me to her birth and each of the five babies I birthed. My studyship took four years (although I beleive we never stop learning). This included a self paced study discipline, volunteering at a Hospital (in L&D), CPR certification process, Neonatal certification process, and affiliating myself with midwifery/childbirth education organizations, and of course following my midwife teacher to countless births. I have assisted in over 500 deliveries, some in the hospital-the majority at home. My affiliations include being a founding/original member of: Dua Afe Whole Woman Inc., The Southern Alliance of Midwives, Georgia Midwifery Association, The Internation Alliance of Midwives and Midwives Alliance of North America. I am currently the Southeastern Regioanl Director of The International Center For Traditional Childbearing, a member of ALACE, formally Informed Birth and Parenting,and Founder and CEO of Birth In The Tradition/Mother's Keeper Doula Services. I earned a BS in Early Childhood Education from Clark Atlanta University in 1979.

Philosophy and Comments        

Traditional Midwifery is part of the original model of womancare handed down from the beginning of human time. This model has evolved and changed continuously over the centuries and is currently a vast and ever expanding tapestry of birthing consciousness. Mothers and midwives are the principle weavers. Working in concert, we preserve a model of bringing forth life with dignity and grace. Together we facilitate the creation of family and community on this planet. As midwives, we do not strive to control birth -- or each other. Rather, we allow birth to evolve freely and gracefully to its natural conclusion. In doing so, each of us -- mother, father, baby and midwife -- unfolds as a more whole and perfect human being. Midwifery calls each of us to our highest and best. In our quest to cultivate ourselves and serve others with love and respect, we facilitate important rites of passage. We empower each other and ourselves by allowing the process of life to unfold according to individual divine plan.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Birth In The Tradition birthing services are offered 24/7!

Prenatal visits are offered on Sunday 10:00AM-1:00PM. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 10:00AM-4:00PM.

Birth In the Tradition Natural Childbirth Preparation Classes        

BITT's Natural Childbirth Preparation Classes are taught to you with a holistic, self help and natural approach. These classes are designed for home birth candidates although those who choose to birth in the hospital, aspiring a natural non-invasive labor and birth experience benefit from these classes as well. The course is outlined as follows:
Full Series:
Class 1. Prenatal Wellness
Class 2. Labor and Birth
Class 3. Breathing & Relaxation Skills, Comfort measure & Labor Support
Class 4. Newborn and Postpartum Care & Breastfeeding

Couples who would like to refresh themselves can benefit from the weekend refreshers course. This course is as follows:
Class 1. Phases and Stages of Labor and Birth / Creating a Birth Plan
Breathing & Relaxation Skills and Labor Support.
Class 2. Breast Feeding,Breast Care, Newborn Care, Postpartum Care.

Private classes in your home is available.

Birth In The Tradition Natural Childbirth Preparation Classes: $300.00 for the full series

$150.00 for the Weekend Refreshers Course.

Phone Consultations        

Confidential, personal consultation sessions are offered in person at my home office or by phone in Atlanta. Wise Woman Counseling addresses topics (yet not limited to):
1.Conscious Conception & Prepregnancy Planning
2.Pregnacy and Birth Preparation
3.Pregnancy Crisis
4.Prenatal Nutrition and Herbal Use
5.Holistic Woman Care from Puberty to Menapause
An appointment time for the clients desired topic is pre-arranged via email at birthinthetradition@yahoo.com. Client should offer three options for dates and time. I will call at the appointed time and session proceeds without interruption.

90 Minute consultation Wise Woman Counseling $115.00

Mother's Keeper Labor Doula Service        

Mother's Keeper (a Labor and Postpartum Doula Service) was founded in the early eighties answering a need long before the Doula became a recognized profession.
Mother’s Keeper Labor Doula service is designed to:
1.Assist and support the laboring mother in the natural process of labor and birth.
2.She assists in actualizing the birth goal of the mother and father/partner as closely to their birth plans as possible.
3.She advocates when necessary and helps in creating an independent atmosphere of security and safeness.
4.She comes prepared to offer comfort and encouragement to the laboring mother and a sense of confidence for the father/partner. Mothers who realize they may have a medicated birth may also benefit having a Doula.
In addition to her “tricks of the trade”,
5.She brings security and comfort to the mother and father by just being there.
In a homebirth setting,
6.The Doula generally assists the family in getting the birthing room prepared for the birth.
7.She pays attention to the progress of labor and is capable of being the spokes person for the parents when addressing the progress of labor to the Midwife.
Leaving the midwifery duties to the Midwife,
8.The Doula provides massages and other comforting and relaxing techniques to the mother.
9.Some Doulas come prepared to capture the moment of birth on film per the consent and or request of the family.
10.After the birth, the Doula generally stays with the family until the mother has successfully breastfed her baby and all three are resting in the postpartum (Lying In) section of the hospital. In a homebirth setting, the Doula will make certain that the mother is comfortable and is offered something warm to eat and drink. Other than the disposal of medical supplies used during the birthing process, the Doula will sometimes assist in tidying the labor and birthing rooms.
The relationship between the Doula and the Mother and Father begins during pregnancy with a consultation and two or more prenatal visits prior to birth. These visits include:
•A journey through labor land (A mini refreshers course on labor and birth)
•Comfort measures used during labor
•Designing a Birth plan
•What to bring to the hospital
•How to prepare your home for a homebirth
•Newborn Care, New Mother Care
•Breastfeeding and breastfeeding supplies
The Doula makes one postpartum home visit for the new family.
This is an opportune time to discuss any concerns about breast feeding,the adjustments of being back at home (with a new person), and sharing each birth story.
For more information email: birthinthetradition@yahoo.com

$700.00 Mother's Keeper Labor Doula/Monitrice services
$700.00 Mother's Keeper Postpartum Doula Services per week (5 days) based on a four hour day.

Mother's Keeper Postpartum Doula Services        

Mother’s Keeper Postpartum Doula service was established based on a need to mother the mother after birth, when Mother is not around. The first six weeks after birth, the new mother requires rest, healing time and nourishment. Many cultures in West Africa call this phase of pregnancy the Lying In phase. This is the time when the birthing mom is relieved from her household and family responsibilities and is only responsible for taking care of and getting to know her baby. A postpartum mom without support is sometimes vulnerable to extreme hormonal mood swings(Postpartum Depression),stress due to lack of rest and breastfeeding issues.
A skilled or trained Postpartum Doula can offer support and assist in making this a smooth transition for everyone in the household. A Postpartum Doula:
•Allows the new mother to maximize her healing process.
•Allows the new mother R & R (Rest and Relaxation)time,knowing that someone is there minding the baby and home.
•Can sometimes spoil you and your family with wholesome and nourishing meals. Meals which are freshly prepared with the breast feeding mom in mind. Meals can fit any dietary needs or restrictions.
•Teaches you how to care for and understand your baby’s needs.
•Will help organize baby’s nursery.
•Offers you breastfeeding support.
•Will keep you home looking presentable and will do baby laundry.
•Will run errands and grocery shop.
•Allows the dad to return to work knowing his family is being cared for.
•Allows grandparents enjoy being grandparents.
•May offer massages (primarily uterine) and a soothing herbal Sitz bath.
•Makes a great Baby Shower or Blessingway gift!

The usual hiring period for a Postpartum Doula is two weeks.
$700.00 one (4 hours per day)
$1,300.00 two weeks (4 hours per day)
Call today for a consultaion.

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