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Marcia Radin



56 Lieb Rd
Spencer, NY 14883
United States
T: 607-277-7779


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Body Mind Restoration Retreats


Welcome to Body Mind Restoration Retreats

Our health retreats are designed to heal and rejuvenate the body and mind. This is not a spa experience; it is a comprehensive program that introduces a way of living that leads to sustainable good health. The combination of a living foods diet, exercise, colon care, health education classes, yoga, meditation and more allow a deep experience of well being that can not be found elsewhere. We specialize in helping people with weight loss issues, diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome and other chronic conditions.

"People have the choice to take responsibility for their own well being. They only need to be shown how," says founder/director Marcia Radin. At the Body Mind Restoration Retreats you will learn how. Come experience what health feels like at a serene 60-acre facility near Ithaca, NY.

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