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Maria Cuccia, Pres.



PO Box 884
Syosset, NY 11791-0899
United States
T: 631.544.9596
F: 631.544.0605


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Elijah Records, Inc.


Licensing and online distribution of various styles of music created by independent artists from around the world.

Profile and Credentials        

Maria Cuccia, founder and President of Elijah Records, began studying piano at the age of seven. She majored in music education at the University of Rhode Island and opened a piano studio in 1987 on Long Island, New York where she not only teaches piano and keyboards to students of all ages, but records music as well. In 1992 Maria had a series of out-of-body experiences in which she was shown a child named Elijah. In order to cope with the experiences, Maria discovered the healing powers of meditation. Inspired by her meditations, Maria recorded her first meditation CD in 1993, using minimalist synthesizer arrangements and repetitive instrumental keyboard phrasing, which has been, and still is well received by many yoga and tai chi teachers, as well as massage therapists. Since then she has recorded several CDs, and some of her collaborative work has been used as background music for "The Making Of" a Janet Jackson video, MTV Road Rules, and an LL Cool J video. She has spoken on television and radio stations around the country about how her experiences led her to create healing music. Maria developed Elijah Records and Elisha Music Publishing (BMI) in 1997 for the purpose of helping independent musicians market their music around the world.

Philosophy and Comments        

Music is like religion, it all comes from the same source.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Lucjan Wesolowski (Lucyan)        

Lucjan Wesolowski is a featured artist at Elijah Records. He has lead & performed hundreds of concerts in Italy, Poland, Germany, Hungary and Finland playing sitar, guitar, flutes, and other instruments. Lucjan has released 12 CDs: Best selling is "Relaxing" (available at http://elijahrec.com/ambient-trance.htm). Originally from Poland, Lucjan now calls Italy his home.

Bakithi Kumalo        

South African composer, vocalist, and bassist Bakithi Kumalo (Bah-gee-tee Koomah-low) was born in the Alexandria Township of Johannesberg. In addition to economic hardships,due to the abandonment of his father, Bakithi was also dealing with an oppressive political system. Under Apartheid, the police could commit any atrocities they pleased against people of color and never be held accountable. When Bakithi had a recording session in the city proper, he had to carry papers that authorized his presence in town. Without them, he would have risked needy certain arrest and detainment.

Bakithi's fame grew, but his musical career was still a terrible struggle and he was seriously considering taking a job as a car mechanic at the time Paul Simon came calling in 1985. Simon was in South Africa to assemble a band for his "Graceland" album. A well-known Johannesberg producer suggested Bakithi for his unique ability. Simon was entranced by his sound and, after some preliminary sessions in South Africa, he flew Bakithi to New York City to complete the tracks. Bakithi was both thrilled and terrified to be in New York City. His indelible contributions to the Grammy-winning "Graceland" album gave him major visibility in the American music industry. He found himself in much demand for recordings and tours with many great artists such as Chaka Khan, Harry Belafonte, Cyndi Lauper, Laurie Anderson, Jon Secada, and Gloria Estefan.

Today, Bakithi has his own recordings of South African traditional folk and contemporary jazz music. Having traveled to South Africa as a free man, Bakithi is relieved that his people will never suffer the oppression of Apartheid again.


Lenny Mitchel        

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