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Ann Marie


Ann Marie, Certified Intuitive 36 years, shares her Divination gift with you. Tarot Channelings on Career, Romance, Creative Ventures and Politically Incorrect Hurtles are available. Give just your first name. See 9000+ Client Feedbacks. Energy Channeling’s on your Dreams and Angels are available. Crossing Over Phenomena will be carefully analyzed. Choose a Psychic Phone Reading, Email Reading or have a Psychic Computer Chat. Pay through Pay Pal, Keen or Kasamba. Don't believe a reading on an unseen future, without first asking for a reading on your present life. Your privacy is sacred.

Profile and Credentials        

36 Years Reading in Coffee Houses, Gift Shops, and Intuitive Fairs has earned me the label, "well seasoned Intuitive".

I became a Certified Tarot Reader in year 2000. I at all times follow the rules that mark an "Ethical Reader".

Psychic Phone counseling in 2001 began the world of long distance Intuitive Reading. {In essence, reading on the phone was like putting my head next to the head of my caller.} The phone became an electrical tool which seemed to amplify internal and external dialogue.

2005 brought me the privilege of reading an abandoned plantation mansion in Fletcher, North Carolina called "The Meadow". Reading on the floor of the dining and smoking rooms, to servant quarters, to dance and music rooms, to troubled down stairs hallway was a 2 hour recorded experience.

Sketch by my Grand Father, Franklin Grew {1946}


Philosophy and Comments        

~~~~Ann Marie Wisdom~~~~

1} When in crisis, set your boundaries and stand firm to your convictions.

2} Grandparents are an unseen, unspoken spiritual voice within thier Grandchildren.

3} You must train others how to treat you from the start.

4} Silence speaks louder then words.

5} It is an acquired skill to learn how to smile and be silent, when your heart wants to scream out what has already been said.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        


MY HOURS ARE: 7:15 am - 12:00 Noon / 4:30pm - 9:00 pm

See 9000 + Feedbacks * Call Me        


Here you can see 9000+ Client Feedbacks on my accuracy. I am first and foremost an intuitive Tarot Channeler. Also of interest, are 2 palm readings on Pope Benedict and Bin Ladden. Judge for yourself, with an open mind, their differences and similarities. All hand lines, Palm Pads and Fingers are based on Palmistry rules over 2,500 years old.

My personal Intuitive History is here, as well as a "Poetry Corner" to submit your original poems. Please understand I at all times have the right to accept or deny poems submitted.

A group of seasoned intuitive readers is available for you to contact should I not be on line.

My Published Books * http://sistersun.com        


As a published poet, I am always proud and eager to share my book which is sold through Amazon and Barnes and Nobles book sites. "Swirls On a Green Plate" written by my gutsy mother and I, share our view point on what its like to be a mother and daughter with a troubled past. It is a perfect mom/sister/daughter gift.

Our second book, "An Explosion of Toads: A Celebration of Eccentricity" has just been accepted by our publisher. It honors all the innovators and interesting people that follow their own passion, good and bad, making this world interesting. Poems on couples that worship their cats, exasperated wives guilty of husband dismemberment, hot romance, tarot readers that speak in parables, heated Nigerian Baptist sermons, Feng Shui "Century" farms,hot steamy romance, drum prayer circles and a tribute to escape. 11 sketches and paintings, as well as 3 Time/Life Getty collection photos, divide the emotional naunces of the book.

Purchase an Email Reading        

Why an Email Reading?

Because many people do not care for one - to - one contact, are too busy, or hearing impaired. Print your reading off for later to read.



Before Your Reading Know This:        

Your privacy is sacred. For that reason I only ask you for your first name, or the name of another you wish a reading on.

If you want a Career reading, you need only give the initials of your company. I will never ask you to divulge your private identity, or life information.

I choose to first give you an unbiased reading based on your personal energy. Afterwards, ask me what ever you wish.

Please understand I do not believe in the modern use of the word “Soul Mates." Unfortunately this spiritual concept has become an over used term taken advantage of by Psychic and Dating sites to make money.

I believe for each of us there are many compatible people in this world. The time and place for love is in Gods hands.

Love, Ann Marie

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