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Martina G. Barnes



Asheville, NC 28806
United States
T: 828-687-7107




Integrative Psychotherapy & Meditation Instruction


The Meditation Doctor: A Practical Approach to Healing Common Ailments through Meditation is an excellent resource that offers a diverse selection of meditation techniques to address everyday ailments.

The Meditation Doctor combines Eastern and Western meditative practices and encourages you to participate in a journey of exploration and restoration. It introduces self-healing, awareness building and creative imagery techniques to promote wellbeing. This book is an excellent resource for relieving ailments ranging from colds to physical pain to psychological anxiety,all through the power of meditation. An easy-to-use index allows you to look up common ailments and find therapeutic techniques to help alleviate symptoms.

This book's author, an experienced meditation teacher, describes how meditation can be used to complement standard medical procedures, improving physical health and helping to eliminate stress-related problems. She introduces readers to fundamental principles of self-healing, awareness-building, and creative imagery as techniques for reducing physical pain and emotional distress. Techniques she discusses in detail include body postures, hand positions, breath control, and the Chakra system, among others. She advises on specific meditation solutions to relieve back pain, headaches, fatigue, insomnia, low-grade fevers, colds and flu, respiratory disorders, and digestive problems. She also recommends meditation for emotional problems including anger management, depression, and building self-esteem. Meditation is explained as being useful to enhance life's good and normal aspects, such as the sex and creativity drives. Filled with practical advice and suggestions, The Meditation Doctor is a fine resource book for all who are interested in exploring the many benefits of meditation therapy

Profile and Credentials        

Martina has been a teacher and student of meditation and visualization since 1982. Her teachings draw from the rich traditions of Eastern and Western mysticism to convey an approach that is both practical and profound.

Formerly the head meditation teacher at renowned mystery school in Berkeley, California, Martina went on to study at the internationally acclaimed Sancta Sophia mystery school. She has been teaching in Asheville for ten years. She is the author of Meditation for the Western Mind, numerous audio products on health and wellness based meditation.

Martina holds her master's degree in counseling psychology. She is a licensed professional counselor and interfaith ministe(honoring all faiths and expressions of spirituality). Martina resides in Asheville, North Carolina where she has a private practice as a therapist and spiritual teacher and continues to volunteer as a bereavement counselor at Hospice.

Philosophy and Comments        

"Brambles should be cut away,

Removing even the sprouts.

Within essence there naturally blooms,

A beautiful lotus blossom.

One day there will suddenly appear

an image of light;

When you know that You yourself are it."

Sun Bu-er.

"The first doctor is the patient himself" ~Ancient Chinese medicine

"Each of us has the capacity for self-knowledge, awareness and positive change. We can eliminate self-defeating patterns and increase our capacity for joy through self-awareness. Open yourself to awakening." Martina

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

The Meditation Doctor is available for purchase on www.amazon.com, www.barnesandnoble.com, www.baronsedu.com

If you are interesed in receiving weekly meditation "Thoughts to Ponder" please send your email address to:

Martina G. Barnes


Audio Products        

"Transformations: Guided visualizations for breast wellness."
Audio CD available through www.magusbooks.com

"Relaxation for Healing & Pain Relief."
Audio CD available through www.carepartners.org




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