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Alchemy - Mastering Alchemy - Jim Self

Jim Self


Nationwide, CA 95945
United States
T: 530-271-0724



"Alchemy is accomplished by changing the frequency of thought, altering the harmonics of matter and applying the elements of Love to create the desired result. Alchemy is the ability to transform one possibility into another." It's much easier than you might think.

Free DVD.

Profile and Credentials        

Jim is often introduced as a teacher’s teacher and a healer’s healer. He has been leading seminars and teaching healing, clairvoyance and personal energy management courses throughout North America since 1980 and is the founder of Northern California’s Avalon Institute.

Since childhood, Jim has retained a conscious awareness and ability to recall his experiences within the sleep state. Over the last ten years, this awareness has expanded into relationships with the Archangels, Ascended Masters and Teachers of Light. The foundational information presented in the Mastering Alchemy Programs are co-creations of these relationships.

Jim walks with a foot in both worlds. At the age of twenty-six, he was elected to his first of two terms to the San Jose, CA City Council and later became the Vice Mayor. Before completing his second term, he was asked by President Jimmy Carter to be an advisor and the Director of Governmental Operations for the Dept. of Energy.

As an entrepreneur, he has successfully built and sold two corporations, and is the founder and current Board Chairman of a third, Biomedical Corporation.

Jim is a recognized leader in the field of personal spiritual growth and self-development. He is a mentor and personal coach to many, a gifted healer, spiritual counselor and sought-after lecturer.

Philosophy and Comments        

We Are Entering a Golden Age of Light

Throughout time, there have been moments when we are given both a glimpse of what is possible within all-that-is and the opportunity to step beyond what we have known as truth to participate in a grander Truth within a higher level of consciousness. In the ancient texts, such a moment is known as a "Golden Age of Light." We are now entering such a moment.

The Shifting Third Dimension

The third dimension is arranged around the fixed building blocks of height, length and width. We believe that these building blocks hold everything together. Additionally, the concepts of gravity, magnetism, density, light, color, and sound give shape to everything we experience. Add to these the concept of time and you have the very foundation of what we call "Reality."

However, if you were to change just one of these concepts, this reality would be transformed into something else...a different reality.

Today our reality is shifting. We are beginning to consider alternative concepts. Scientists, mathematicians and philosophers are uncovering many new concepts such as multi-dimensionality, string theory, quantum physics, genetics, and nanotechnology.

Even Alchemy, once considered a myth, has successfully been validated through the science of quantum mechanics. Although technologically possible by applying tremendous amounts of energy and force, Alchemy is more simply accomplished by changing the frequency of thought, altering the harmonics of matter, and applying the elements of Love to create the desired results.

Alchemy is first recognizing all that is possible, then transforming one possibility into another.

To step out of the third dimensional reality into a higher dimension, a change in possibility must also occur. One choice is to transform our concept of linear time into the possibility of Simultaneous Time.

Simultaneous Time

Within Simultaneous Time, all events and possibilities occur in the same place at the same moment. Simultaneous Time is not a difficult experience to have, but it is an impossible experience to have within the third dimension.

In order to experience Simultaneous Time, one must become consciously aware of the structures and limitations of the third dimension, and then step beyond these restrictions to discover and allow new choices.

Within Simultaneous Time, a doorway to a Higher Consciousness opens, creating an opportunity to observe all possibilities and then purposely choose the possibility that most successfully fulfills our intentions.

Consider for a moment the possibility that you could step outside of time and rearrange any event you have experienced, thus clearing the disharmonic threads of your past and integrating the skills, knowledge and wisdom of your future.

This is the experience of Simultaneous Time...

This is the experience of Mastering Alchemy.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        




LOS ANGELES/West Hollywood ~ March 20, Thur., 7:30 – 9:30pm.

The Bodhi Tree, 8585 Melrose Ave. 90069. 310-659-1733.


Local Contact: Stanley. 802-626-9492.

BEDFORD ~ March 24, Monday. 6: 30-9 pm. RESERVATIONS REQUIRED.

Love & Gratitude, 2 Emery Rd. leslie@loveandgratitude.com. 781-276-7999.

ABINGTON ~ March 26, Wednesday. 7-9:30pm.

Heaven On Earth, 1035 Bedford St. at Old Town Square 781-857-1444

NEWTON ~ March 27, Thursday. 7-9:30pm.

Dance Fever - Avanti Ballroom, 200 Wells Ave, Newton MA 02459. 617-202 9664.


Local Contact: Carol 763-843-0043.

EDINA ~ April 7, Mon. 7-9:30pm.

The Meta Institute. 4600 W. 77th St., Suite 230, Edina. 952-831-6382

MINNEAPOLIS ~ April 9, Wed. 7-9:30pm.

Lake Harriet Spiritual Community, 4401 Upton Ave, S. 612-922-4272.

MINNEAPOLIS ~ April 10, Thursday. 7-9:30pm.

The Center for Spiritual Development, 323 W. 48th St., Minneapolis.


Local Contact: Anna 763-843-0043.

RICHMOND ~ April 16 and 17, Wed. & Thurs. 7-9:30pm.

Aquarian Bookshop, 3519 Ellwood Ave., Carytown. 23221. 804-353-5575

Please see our website for additional locations in Washington DC area.



Los Angeles (Marina del Rey) ~ April 4 - 5 - 6.

Friday: Registration ~ 6:30 - 7pm. Class ~ 7 - 10:00pm Please pre-register.

Saturday and Sunday Class: 9am - 4:30pm.

Marina International Hotel, 4200 Admiralty Way, Marina del Rey. 310-301-2000.

Mention Mastering Alchemy for lodging discount of $119.

Tuition: $235 includes MP3 CD of tools and highlights of the weekend. Pre-register on our website or give us a call.


Boston area (Nashua, NH) ~ March 28 - 30 Friday: Registration ~ 6:30 - 7pm. Class ~ 7 - 10:00pm Please pre-register.

Saturday and Sunday Class: 9am - 4:30pm.

Holiday Inn - Nashua, NH, 9 Northeastern Blvd., Nashua, NH. 03062. 603-821-5516.

Mention Mastering Alchemy for lodging discount of $79 until March 20..

Tuition: $235 includes MP3 CD of tools and highlights of the weekend. Pre-register on website with our local contact, Stanley: 802-626-9492.


Minneapolis area (Bloomington) ~ April 11 - 12 - 13.

Friday: Registration ~ 6:30 - 7pm. Class ~ 7 - 10:00pm Please pre-register.

Saturday and Sunday Class: 9am - 4:30pm.

Holiday Inn Select. 3 Appletree Square, Bloomington 1-800-315-2621.

Mention Mastering Alchemy for lodging discount of $99 until March 20.

Tuition: $235 includes MP3 CD of tools and highlights of the weekend. Pre-register on website or with our local contact, Carol - 763-843-0043.


Richmond ~ April 18 - 19 - 20.

Friday: Registration ~ 6:30 - 7pm. Class ~ 7 - 10:00pm Please pre-register.

Saturday and Sunday Class: 9am - 4:30pm.

Sheraton Richmond West Hotel, 6624 W. Broad St. Richmond, VA 804-285-2000.

Tuition: $235 includes MP3 CD of tools and highlights of the weekend.

Pre-register on website with our local contact, Anna 804-349-8900.

You Can Experience...        

-- Simultaneous Time

-- Balancing the Masculine and Feminine Aspects

-- Merging with the Soul

-- Activating the Higher Dimensional Chakra Systems

-- The Soul’s Purpose: Alignment with the Will of God

-- The Sanctuary within the Sacred Heart

-- Creating with the Twelve Rays of Creation

-- Integrating Three of the Five Sacred Geometric Platonic Energy Fields

-- Creating a “Personal Power Field ”- a Self-Contained Energy Field of Light

-- Merging the Two Still Points into the Heart

-- Building the “Light Body” with the Blueprint of the Soul

-- Dissolving the Veils of Forgetfulness and Ignorance

FREE Tele-Classes        

This is a great way to get a sense of Jim and the information he offers.

Enroll on the website: http://www.masteringalchemy.com/teleclasses.html
All Free Tele-Classes are held at 4pm and 7pm Pacific Time

Part One: "Essential Energy Tools" (4 classes)

June 7

Stabilizing the Energy Flow:

--Ground the electrical and magnetic flows within the bodies to release emotionally charged thoughts.

--Where is the Center of Your Head?

--Direct the energy flow through the four bodies for greater ease and well-being.

--Energy depletion is not necessary…align with the endless flow of Source.

June 14
The Chakras are the Barometer of the Body.

Knowing what a chakra does will allow you to change how you are affected by your surroundings. Experience the Spiritual Abilities that are held within chakras.

June 21
A Tool That Defines

Where You Start and Stop

--Stop the energy, emotions and thoughts of others from moving through you.

--Distinguish between what are your issues and opportunities verses the thoughts, feelings and beliefs of others. A very effective energy tool.

June 28
The Rose

--Learn to dissipate charged emotions, thoughts and feelings.

--Make separations from others, releasing the hold or control one sometimes has on another.

--Learn how to neutralize situations that have gotten out of control.

Part Two: Higher Dimensional Tools of Alchemy

It is helpful but not required that you attend Part One to benefit from Part Two. (Eight classes)

July 5
Empathy, Sympathy and Compassion. Do you know the difference?

Many of us use our feelings to align with and know other people, to determine if we are liked and accepted by others.

Empathy and sympathy is an alignment with the feelings of others creating a distortion in your experience. The feelings they are experiencing may have nothing to do with you. However through this alignment you may become affected by their emotions. Alter the energy field, adjust the chakras and you will observe the situation without being affected.

July 19
The Ingredients of Alchemy

Just like making a cake, however the ingredients include:

Intention, Attention,

Focus, Balance,

Harmony, Sound,

Feelings, Beauty, Love…

August 1
Entering the Fifth Dimension

The Protocol:

Manage every thought, every word, every emotion, every action. Every moment.

Simple? YES.

Easy? Well - let’s say - Some Assembly Required.

August 15

Mastering Alchemy

To be the Alchemist requires:

-- Having an Intention

-- Focusing your attention

-- Holding your thoughts and actions in Present Time

-- Picking the appropriate ingredients for the creation and

-- Aligning with the Will of the Creator.

Mix it all up with a little amusement and stand back.

...and more. August 29, Sept. 12 & 16, Oct. 10.

Register: http://www.masteringalchemy.com

Weekend Seminars        

Creating the Personal Power Field

...the first step to mastering Alchemy

Time: 9-4:3Opm.

Saturday and Sunday,

Please check website for current updates. Locations and Dates:

Brevard Co., FL: July 14-15

St. Croix, Virgin Islands: August 4-5

Miami, FL: August 11-12

Sacramento, CA: August 25-26

Los Angeles, CA: September 15-16

Minneapolis/St. Paul: September 22-23

Big Island of Hawaii: October 6-7

Denver, CO: October 13-14

South Burlington Vermont - October 20-21

Best Western Windjammer Inn, 1076 Williston Rd.

Free Evening Lectures        

Prior to every weekend Seminar, Jim offers a Free Evening Lecture at the above locations.

They are held on Thursday or Friday evening from 7-9:30pm.

Keep updated: http://www.masteringalchemy.com

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