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MC Reality


Rachael Paulick, 23 years old from Buffalo, NY is the creator, producer, promoter, event coordinator, and MC. Born and raised in Buffalo, NY she started younger always inspired by hip-hop. All day carrying the boom box and listening to old school Onyx, House of Pain, Run DMC, Doug E Fresh, Fresh Prince, Queen Latifah, FLava Flav, MC Lyte, Jam Master Jay, Qbert and other old school artists she was inspired by, she would go home and remix tapes on her tape deck or small mixer all day and made some of the dopest beatz and lyrics …. As she kept on flowing and traveling and seeing more hip-hop, and jungle and got into electronic music, she realized how hard it was and how hip-hop started to send out the wrong message as it got more mainstream., and electronic was dominated. She strived to open the youths mind from all the poison in the mainstream hip-hop and only men being on the mic, and bring positive energy through the words and the beatz ; she found the loophole. Then it was still hard as women are not as respected as men in the hip-hop or electronic culture. Now Mastering freestlye to all genres of music performing more and more with some of the greatest artists in the world. She is stationed in Asheville, NC and Tampa, FL - she brings you Realyst Productions with a whole new outlook from gangster, hip-hop,unity,political, old school, Jungle, electronic all genres, jazz, folk and more she is starting a movement by the people for the people

Profile and Credentials        

Reality is performing all over the east coast right now and heading to the west, performing with independent local artists to bigger artists. As she is a promoter event coordinator, emcee and more. Booking and performing all styles from electronica, underground, dancehall, reggae, jungle, folk, punk, jam bands, jazz, etc.
Prefers Freestyle to any genre though when she performs just go with it.
Venues and Artists Credentials
Lyrics Born, Hirurespecs, Merlin, SoundMachine, Apple, Delano, Random J, Xist, High Contrast, Sirus, Phantom 45, Odi, Jen Mas, Criminal Content, Infiltrate, and more upcoming check event schedule
Knoxville-Electric Ballroom
and more pending
Mags and Interviews
Mountain Xpress
Wild 98 Buffalo, NY - upcoming

Philosophy and Comments        

To bring something new to the people and equality - give people the music they want with the right message, starting Realyst Productions on her own just over 6 months ago deciding to push for her dream

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

I am always working all the time and traveling check in on dates and Fee depends on where, who, capacity, ticket price
If are interested in getting booked contact me and I will see what is available





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