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Lucy Lipschitz



Tucson, AZ United States
T: 5203209120




Lucy Lipschitz


Lucy also specializes in ritual dances from North Africa and Italy: Shikhatt, Guedra, Zar, Tammuriata, Chaoui. Also performs and teaches veil, cane, finger cymbals; has live drummers at most of her classes so that students can feel the Mid East rhythms.

Profile and Credentials        

Lucy has performed all along the West Coast of the US, in Arizona, and in Italy. She has taken many workshops with the greatest belly dance teachers, and now sponsors workshops with a belly dance/spiritual approach.She has just started a unique approach to belly dance by teaching a water belly dance class in her pool. This helps the students to isolate their muscles, and to minimize muscle pain. She is also a published writer for various e magazines, writes a monthly e letter called ASTARTE, which is full of history of the dance; a Calendar of Events in Arizona, and history of a different Goddess every month. E mail Lucy if you would like to sign up for the informative e letter.

Philosophy and Comments        

Lucy believes that the history and healing aspects of this dance must be incorporated in lessons. Lucy uses belly dance as a healing tool for dealing with sexual trauma. A rape recovery woman herself, Lucy shares her personal story on her site, so that other survivors can have some hope. For more information, contact Lucy at llipschitz@aol.com or metallicrone@yahoo.com Also, check out Lucy's website at www.geocities.com/metallicrone

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Classes are Tuesday and Thursdays, 6:30 to 7:30 PM; all levels at this time, and MEN are encouraged to join. Classes are $8.50 for a single class or a 5 lessons package for $35. Water belly dance classes are Saturdays, 1:00 PM, cost the same as regular belly dance classes; every second Saturday, Middle Eastern Drum Master, Gabby Tawil, teaches out of Lucy's studio. $20 for an intense one hour class.





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