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Brian Green



P.O. box 93533
Los Angeles, CA 90093
United States


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Holistic Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy


FEEL BETTER, DO BETTER. CHANGE YOUR LIFE NOW! Use the amazing Power of Hypnotherapy. IMPROVE Self Confidence. Self Esteem. Concentration, Mind, Mood & memory. Public speaking. Creativity, Motivation, Productivity, Relationships, Love & sex. RELAXATION for reducing Anxiety and Stress, Improved Health, Sound Sleep. LIBERATION FROM Smoking, Weight, Alcohol & Drugs, Habits, Headaches, Traumas, Grief, Pain, Fears & Loss. 12 Step, CODA, ACA, ALANON. Powerful Self-Hypnosis products by mail. Free 15 min. phone Consult.

Profile and Credentials        

Warm caring confidential experienced Hypnotherapist and Chemical Dependency Counselor. Born and educated in London, England, 1942 on. Background in Science and Commerce. Lifelong attraction to psychology. Artist, writer. Author of "Mind-bending for Mind-mending - Wizard Ways With Words." Vol 1 of "The Alchemy of Consciousness." Residing in USA since 1976. Worked as Intake Counselor, Counselor, Case Manager, Discharge Planner, Psychiatric Hospitals and Adult Rehabs. Much Dual Diagnosis work. Certified Substance Abuse Counselor, Mission College. Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Hypnotism Training Institute and Former Senior Staff Therapist. Past member, ACHE, (workshop presenter, International Conference). Past & present member, many other major Hypnotist organizations. 13+ years, private practice.

Philosophy and Comments        

I try to give my clients the most help I can at the lowest cost. I am eclectic, intuitive and creative, and use many methods. Suggestion therapy, (putting in the good stuff). Hypno-analysis to uncover blocks and causations, leading to Hypnotherapy, (taking out the bad stuff). Education and counseling if needed. Guided Imagery, a bit of NLP, Bibliotherapy. My goal is permanent resolution of difficulties, not a band aid.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

As I spend a long time with each client, I only see three clients per day. 11.00 am, 3.00pm, 6.00pm approximately. Not Sundays. The first session is usually 3 hour minimum. Following sessions two to three hours. First session, including a powerful self-hypnosis CD is $160, subsequent sessions $130. Therapeutic self-hypnosis products are usually $20.00. Possible small reduction in cases of financial hardship.





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