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Brandi Hubiak



Asheville, NC 28816
United States
T: 828-712-2609






Mizilca offers "Transformational Bellydance" experiences: performances, classes, workshops, ceremonies & rituals, poetic dance journeys, articles, and dance costuming. She draws upon Goddess mythos of ancient cultures, yogic practices and energy work to evoke sacred and scintilating sensations for all watching or participating! Her approach to dancing is as an entertaining and inspiring dance priestess, employing the power of movement as a catalyst for internal change, and utilizing the isolated muscle groups as supportive excercises to physically support development, nurturance and rebalancing of the chakras. For more information, see her full site at www.transformationalbellydance.com

(Photo by Chris Stack, www.stackdigital.com)

Profile and Credentials        

Mizilca (Brandi Hubiak) has a long and varied background in numerous styles of dance and movement, all of which are steeped into an exciting blend of distinctly expressive dance. She has taught and performed up and down the east coast, from New Hampshire to Mississippi at festivals, civic centers, museums, art exhibits, schools, colleges, restaurants, weddings, private ceremonies, grand openings, and period re-enactments. She worked with the reputable dance group, Baraka Mundi, for three years and was one of the primary directors and choreographers of the original production of "Dance of the Phoenix". Mizilca is also an affecionado of traditional folk dances, circle dances, and Dances of Universal Peace from around the world. Currently she is pursuing a degree in Sacred Dance through Vermont College.

(Photo by Tessho Michael D'Elia, www.tesshodesigns.com)

Philosophy and Comments        

Mizilca calls one and all to remember the ecstatic roots of creation, in which the world was danced into being. Let us keep alive that passion and dance alive a world of love and peace!

(Photo by Chris Stack, www.stackdigital.com)

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        


Mizilca appears several times each month at Jerusalem Garden in Asheville. Check her calendar listings regularly (Click above on "My Events")to find her next appearance!

Currently, Mizilca is offering classes at Namaste Yoga & Healing Arts and at the Black Mountain Center for the Arts. She is also available for private sessions, special workshops, rituals, festival performances and school presentations.

Mizilca also teaches a "Kids' Bellydance class every Thursday at Namaste:

Kids' Bellydance, age 5-12 @ 4:30pm-5:15pm $8





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