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Renee Hanevold



629 Fogg Street
Las Vegas, NV 89110
United States
T: 702-325-7974
F: 437-2237


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Mother's Den was designed with a birthing mother's comfort in mind. Mother's Den is nestled on almost an acre of land at the base of Sunrise Mountain. The 3000 sqare foot house has a spa like atmosphere and is certain to make you feel welcome, safe and special.

Mother's Den has all of the amenities of home and so much more. Looking around you would never guess that all of the equipment and supplies ready for any situation are neatly tucked away in the rare event they are needed. Warm, cozy, natural colors cover the walls and floors. Soft furniture will invite you to gather and share birth stories and advice.

Help yourself to the growing library. Borrow books and lend books. The best way to decrease fear of the unknown is to become educated. Knowledge is power.

On the ground floor of Mother's Den you will experience completely private prenatal visits in the office and afterwards you can mingle with other mothers in the living areas or attend scheduled classes.

Upstairs in your private, spacious birth room you canchoose to labor in the birth tub. Or,if you prefer, walk around the house, rock in the rocking chair, use the birth ball, cook in the kitchen, take a long hot shower, nap with your significant other, or watch movies. It is expected and encouraged that you see and treat Mother's Den as your home. Our goal is to make you feel safe, nurtured and cared for - the kind of environment that allows you to labor and birth freely, without inhibition or fear.

Projects underway:

* Back yard: japanese garden, lap pool with wet deck, jacuzzi, outdoor kitchen, outdoor firepit.

* Fitness Center: weights, mats, treadmill and prenatal yoga space.

Profile and Credentials        


Bachelors of Science, Nursing (BSN)

Advanced Practitioner of Nursing (APN)

Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM)


Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)

Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR-BLS)

Neonatal Resuscitation

Level I Ultrasound

Member: American College of Nurse Midwives



15 years of obstetric experience

Attended over 3,000 births

*Normal Birth

*Cesarean Sections

*Breech Birth


*Preterm Birth

Breastfeeding assistance and classes

Childbirth Classes

Owned and operated a private practice for the

past 5 years

Emergency Room Nurse

Scrub Technician

Operating Room First Assist

Neonatal Intensive Care and Newborn Nursery


High-Risk Obstetrics

Gynecological Care

Contraceptive Management


Exercise and Nutrition Counseling

Primary Well-Woman Care

Philosophy and Comments        

Renee's family, friends and children were not surprised when she made the change from Certified Nurse Midwife to home birth midwife. Renee feels being a midwife is her calling.

15 years attending births in low-risk and high-risk obstetrics in a level III hospital and client homes has confirmed for Renee that pregnancy and birth are normal processes that should not be interfered with unless necessary. Studies and personal experience have proven to her that pregnancy and birth are normal 95% of the time.

The greatest assets Renee offers are patience, kindness, and an innate and skilled ability to differentiate normal from abnormal. Renee's most important roles are as educator, guide, and guardian.

Renee is grateful for the knowledge and skills she attained during her extensive education and time spent in various roles in the hospital. Renee is confident she is capable during any rare situation that may arise, as her primary concern, first and foremost, is mother and baby health and safety.

Renee has the wisdom to realize the best way to achieve good outcomes for mother and baby is to utilize every mother and father's natural instinct to want the best for their baby. Mother's and Father's are motivated and eager to learn about various changes and processes occurring. By encouraging and nourishing this thirst for knowledge and using a team approach, Renee and her client's develop a rapport and trusting relationship that undeniably makes mother's and father's feel comfortable, safe and in control of choices and decisions for themselves and their baby. This knowledge and control decreases unwarranted fears and inreases confidence, self-esteem and empowers and prepares them for the daunting yet gratifying and rewarding job of parenthood.

Renee's goal during prenatal care is to make certain parents understand; the responsiblity, devotion and involvement invested in their babies life before and after birth confirms, they have earned the right to declare complete ownership of their pregnancy and birth. Renee is honored and grateful each and every time parents make the decision to allow her to be a part of this miraculous, sacred, and life-changing event.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Mother's Den Prenatal Package $3900

Birth at your home $3300

Hospital Birth $10,000-$15,000

Hospital Cesarean $15,000-$25,000

Your Baby, Your Choice......Priceless

Monthly payment plan accepted

Cash,Check, Visa, Mastercard

* I am limited to 10 births per month so please call as soon as possible to schedule your prenatal visits.

Mother's Den Price Includes

45 minute scheduled prenatal visits

24 hour access to midwife by phone and/or in


1 prenatal visit every 4 weeks until

30 weeks

1 prenatal visit every 2 weeks until 36 weeks

1 prenatal visit every week until birth of the


Birth at mother's den or your home

12-24 hour postpartum stay. As many postpartum visits as necessary to ensure health of mother

and baby and comfort with breastfeeding and

newborn care

Meals during labor and postpartum


Newborn exam and care following


Classes: Childbirth, Newborn Care,

Breastfeeding, Parenting

Prices for additional classes and services to be


Previous Client Satisfaction        

Former Clients have nothing but wonderful things to say about services offered at Mother's Den:

A.T: I can't believe that I called Renee the week of my due date. I was so worried before I called her that I would have a repeat cesarean section. I couldn't believe that she spent over an hour with me on the phone before even meeting me face to face. I am so glad I called her. It was worth more than the money. It was an investment in my baby that I would gladly make again and again. During labor I felt that I was surrounded by a great team of people whose only interest was me and what I wanted. I couldn't be more pleased and I highly recommend Renee's services to anyone interested in getting high quality care and information about the birth process.

J. A.: I was so relaxed. I showed up at 3 am and rested until the morning. Renee was always checking on me. The breakfast she made in the morning and served to my husband and I was Great! It renewed my energy and made me feel completely comfortable and at home. Later in the afternoon my husband and I played WII golf! I shot an 8 over par while contracting away. When I had the baby by 4 pm in the afternoon I couldn't believe how easy, smooth, and wonderful it was. Following the birth Renee helped me with breastfeeding and made certain that all of my needs were met. When I went home the following day I felt completely prepared. I have so many things to record in my baby's book. It felt so logical and safe. I can't believe everyone doesn't have a baby this way or at least go to Renee for prenatal care or childbirth classes so that they can be prepared for hospital birth. I highly recommend her services to anyone




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