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Acne Clear


Acne is a skin condition which clogs pores and causes blackheads and whiteheads, inflamed pimples (pustules), and deeper lumps (nodules).Acne occurs on the face, as well as the neck, chest, back, shoulders, and upper arms. Acne is common for most teenagers however, adults in their 20's - 40's, or even older, can develop acne. Acne can be caused by an internal imbalance due to diet, stress or hormonal changes especially during a woman's monthly cycle. Acne Clear releases active oxygen to eliminate acne-causing bacteria deep within the pores. Acne Clear controls the oil build-up and bacteria to keep the skin looking healthy. It also known to oxygenate the face. Acne Clear awakens the confidence and inner vital forces necessary for healing on all levels; physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Profile and Credentials        

The Natural Facial Moisturizer Cream is based on the remarkable properities of the Self-Healing Herbs. The Natural Facial Moisturizer Cream has such a therapeutic and regenerative qualities. It awakens the confidence and inner vital forces necessary for healing on all levels; physically, emotional and spiritual. It can also be used as a base.

Philosophy and Comments        

Imagine a new philosophy in aromatherapy as one that brings pure, natural and organic ingredients that feed your skin and also your soul.

Nature’s Universe does not use synthetic chemicals in any of its products. We take special care to send you the freshest and most nurturing creams, lotions, and aroma blends to rejuvenate and nourish your body. Imagine a new philosophy in aromatherapy as one that brings pure, natural and organic ingredients that feed your skin and also your soul.

Today, Nature’s Universe has extended beyond its local recognition status. With this in mind, Nature’s Universe has undertaken the development of an all Natural product line.

Nature’s Universe prides itself on bringing the magic of natural healing to both women and men around the world through its innovation and creativity of natural products. We have made these exciting new products available for purchase globally.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Weight Loss Program
Money Back Guaranteed

This is a two-month Program consisting of four bottles of Reducer and two bottles of Rejuvenation Booster.

This is not a Diet. This is a Weight Loss Program. Eat three full meals daily with fruits and vegetables within each meal: Avoid late night meals. Consider eating healthier. Exercise daily. Check with your doctor or physician before starting any exercise program. Weight loss is based on healthy body function and not on calorie intake. Healthy body function includes a strong immune system, healthy metabolic rate, and healthy kidneys.

Neem Care        

The most powerful and fast acting form of neem. Organic Neem Leaf Extract has been used for skin lesions, bacterial, fungal and viral infections and to boost immune function. This extract is made under small batches to assure the highest quality and result. Our tinctures are extracted in the ancient tradition according to the lunar cycle.

Stress Reliever        

These plant essences have a gentle ability to enhance one’s mood and lift depression as well as benefiting a person physically and emotionally -- mind, body, and spirit. When inhaled, oils produce psychological effects that can relax or stimulate, soothe or inspire, heal, center, and balance you. Aromatherapy can help respiration, clear the mind, feel euphoric, boost confidence, reduce headaches, balances emotions, and relieves depression. What stresses out men consistently does not stress women and vice versa. This was our reasoning for both stress formulas. Alleviating stress plays a major role in the recuperation of chronically ill people.

Rejuvenation Therapy        

The aim of Rejuvenation therapy is to maintain youth and long life and keeping the enzymes in their normal condition. This also leads to tranquility of the mind and fine tunes the bones and keeps the nerves in balance. The connections between a person’s thoughts, feelings and immune status are always integrated in a true holistic therapy. The ability of essential oils to affect all these states makes Aromatherapy a truly holistic therapy. Essential oils can be bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, anti fungal, an appetite stimulant, hyperemia and an expectorant. It can also affect the mind and emotions, to sedate, calm and uplift. This is especially true when essential oils are applied thru body massage. What rejuvenates women consistently does not rejuvenate men and vice versa. This was our reasoning for both Rejuvenation formulas.

Sleep Aid        

There are two reasons for sleep disturbance: Our environment and our biological clock. The environment can be easily cleansed and balanced by burning sage bush. Our biological clock is related to disturbances with our pituitary gland. Our Sleep Aid deals with the super conductor or Crown Chakra that balances our biological clock. Sleep Aid has a unique combination of botanicals and Essential oils. It purify and balance the crown chakra that relate to the sleep cycle.

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