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Navaid Ashraf



C-302 Block 6, F.B. Area
Karachi, Sindh 75950
T: 92-21-6362451
F: 92-21-6344104


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Herbarium International


We manufacture and exports 100% Herbal analgesic ointment brand named as 'PainFoe' which gives sure relief to all sorts of body pains related to Arthritis, Gout, Lumbago, Neuralgia, Rheumatism, Sprains, Strains. If applied regularly upto 2 months it revives dead veins affected by paralysis.

Our Painfoe being prescribed by Orthopaedic surgeons in Pakistan and being appreciated by orthopaedic surgeons in Romania and by general patients.

We supplying in plastic laminated tubes of 45 grms paste.
We are looking for wholesellers or distributors around the world.

Profile and Credentials        

Besides herbal products: Herbal Analgesic ointment "painFoe", Herbal ToothPaste "Herby", Herbal Lip Dyes, Herbal Henna Hair Dyes, Herbal Face Cream.

Philosophy and Comments        

Our aim is to make people recognise efficacy of herbs.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

24hours on internet
we charge only price mentioned on our website

Amazingly Effective Herbal Tooth Paste        

One of our distinguish item is our Herbal Tooth Paste, brand name as ‘ Herby ‘ . This is based on 100% herbal Oil and extract of : Clove, Liquorice, Myrrh and Peelu, all of its ingredients have natural antiseptic, astringent power and definitely cures to : Bleeding Gums / Swollen Gums, Teeth Sensitivity, Toothache, Strengthen Gums, Controls bad odour from mouth and so keeps mouth FRESH for whole day, thus it also acts as an excellent mouth wash. Surely Stops ‘Plaque’ formation. Our ‘Herby’ truly reinforces Gums. Absolutely necessary for childrens who eats chocolates frequently.

Following are the ingredients of our Herby Tooth Paste
1.- Peelu extract
2.- Calcium Carbonate
3.- Liquorice extract
4.- Myrrh Oil
5.- Clove Oil
6.- Benzoan Flakes
7.- Arabic Gum
8.- Peppermint Oil
9.- Euclyptus Oil
10.- Omum Seeds Powder
11.- Camphor Powder
12.- Menthol

Face Skin Care        

We manufacture and exports 100% Herbal Freckle Cream which is truly effective to cure Acne, Blackheads, Dots, Pimples, wrinkles etc etc

Bust Enlargement Herbal        

This healthy liquid extract of pure medicinal herbs and seeds is a balanced combination of safe and natural ingredients traditionally known for female reproductive functions and overall health and to balance hormonal systems, having the abundance of vitamin-E, Diosgenin, Phyto-estrogens, Nutrients, Fibre, Protein,Bio-Flavonoids, Antioxidants, Minerals and Saponins, thus strongly
provides a mastogenic effect resulting in development of glandular tissues of breasts making them larger, fuller, firmer, uplifted breasts and smoothes out the wrinkles, also increase milk production in nursing mothers.

This formulation goes beyond just Breasts enhancement, It also reduces Cholesterol levels, controls Diabetes by lowering blood glucose levels in both Type I and Type II diabetes and acts as hormonal regulator to treat symptoms of PMS and menopause.
Protects from Breasts cancer.
It may increase sexual desire in women..

Henna Hair Tonic        

This is pure herbal tonic truly effected to revitalise hair as damaged, dull, dried by using synthetic hair colours

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