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Lisa Jakober



Anchorage, AK United States
T: 1-800-264-9835
F: 969-2455




National Massage Therapy Institute


Our 500 hour massage therapy training program is designed for you to become a massage practitioner/therapist and be part of the holistic wellness community. Your education includes anatomy, physiology, massage techniques, TCM and clinic. The training provides you with the experience to lead you into the medical or spa areas. Financial assistance is available and we offer job placement assistance.

Profile and Credentials        

We are authorized to operate by the Alaska Commission on Secondary Education.

Philosophy and Comments        

We are committed to providing a high standard of education. The Alaska Lraning Institute seeks to prepare its students the ability to pass the National Certification Exam and enter the work force and to provide the public with highly skilled massage therapists/practitioners.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

500 Hour Program is $5,199.00 Day Class 9:00am-3:00pm Night Class 5:15pm-10:30pm





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