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Kay Montgomery



1004 Gunstock Creek Road
Bedford, VA 24523
United States
T: 540-586-1271


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A Connecting Thread


Inanna's Challenge: Choosing Change. A paradigm for understanding change and the role it plays in our growth, individuation and integration. Inanna promises to be a powerful experience to inspire new ways of thinking about change as well as teach useful techniques that can be put into practice. Specially designed for women committed to their own personal growth & understanding life changes, transition and the unfolding of the human soul. April 14-17, 2003. Millboro Springs, Va

Profile and Credentials        

All of us search for meaningful work, for a way to express and use our inner world in a way that brings abundance and renewal to ourselves and others. The stages and natural rhythms in our lives call for different work at different times. Our culture longs for a time to be...a time to connect with self and other. We live longer and have more choices in the aging process, thus more opportunities to explore and challenge ourselves. Kay Montgomery was looking for a way to offer people time to stretch and be soulfully reflective. Barb, through adventure trips, was looking for a way to offer experiential challenges. Both of them were looking for something that helped people match their inner world with their outer experiences. These ideas and dreams were woven together when Kay and Barb's life paths crossed on a self-contained fourteen day bicycle trip around Lake Ontario. A Connecting Thread was born!

Philosophy and Comments        

Society has few places where people listen, are heard and connect. A Connecting Thread programs encourage folks to sit still and listen, to laugh and play and to explore emotional, physical and spiritual paths that provide educational and experiential opportunities for growth, renewal and wellness. We offer: A time to... connect with yourself and others... create, talk, work, play and laugh... be with the rhythms of the earth... A space to... experience the abundance and simplicity of life... sit still, listen, be heard and simply be... A place to... explore your strengths and your life significance... explore who you were, who you are and who you might become... share the common threads of our lives...

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Meet Barb and Kay        

Barb Davis is a Licensed Professional Counselor who has facilitated experiential therapy for over 25 years. She challenges people to have fun and out perform themselves. Practicing the Bonny Method of Music Evoked Imagery, she is certified in EMDR and is a Reiki Master who offers opportunities to stretch towards growth, wellness and healing. Her private practice is in Richmond, Virginia and is called Turning Point Counseling. Kay Montgomery is co-founder of A Connecting Thread, manager of A Village Store and lives in the crossroads of life both literally and figuratively. She is a Veriditas trained labyrinth facilitator and builder and volunteers with Hospice and the Conflict Resolution Center. She is a student who tells stories, writes and lives creatively. As a Reiki Master and through A Connecting Thread retreats and workshops, she offers opportunities to move toward growth, renewal and wellness. Kay enjoys long-distance bicycle touring, gardening and being present to the connections and synchronicities life offers.

Village Store        

ONE OF THE LAST "BEST PLACES" Original 1893 building Local art and eclectic gifts that are whimsical, touching, beautiful or functionalHomestead Creamery ice cream Labyrinth area and short walking pathsSitting areas, meditation spots, benchesOPEN: Fri., Sat. 11-5 Sun. 1-5 May - Dec. or by appointmentA SENSORY GETAWAYTwo-hundred-year old rustic log cabin for getaways at the Confluence of two creeks and three country roadsFishing Pond, Rustic Camping, Assorted Animals Available all year around

Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music Professional Training Programs        

A music centered therapeutic approach to healing and inner work that teaches the use of music and imagery for accessing inner wisdom to create positive change for individual and group therapy. Researched and developed by Helen Bonny in the 1970's at the Maryland Research Center. Certified and approved by the Association from Music and Imagery. Rhythms of Transformation: Intro Workshops: May 6, June 1 from 9 am. to 4 pm. Level I June 10-13, 2005, Charlottesville, VA July 15-18, 2005, Northern VA Level II Level I is a pre-requisite. April 21-26, 2005 October 6-11, 2005 Level III - contact us for info.


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