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Jaclyn Sieben



11661 Red hibiscus Drive
Bonita Springs, FL 34135
United States
T: 239-280-6276


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Jaclyn Sieben RN


HypnoBirthing: The Mongan Method; teaching techniques for safe and more comfortable birthing through guided imagry, visualization, and special breathing. Learn: Relaxation and self hypnosis techniques to eliminate the fear and tension that cause long labor and pain, replacing it with confidence, calm, and comfort producing a shorter more comfortable labor. There is no magic to achieving success with HypnoBirthing. almost anyone who chooses to can reach deep relaxation and redirected focus!

Profile and Credentials        

Jaclyn Sieben, RN began her nursing career in Maine 25 years ago. She is a labor and birthing nurse and a member of the Association of Wome's Health and Neonatal Nursing, (AWHONN). Jaclyn has extensive experience in Natural Childbirth, Waterbirthing, and HypnoBirthing.

Philosophy and Comments        

HypnoBirthing is as much a philosopyh as it is a technique. The concept of HypnoBirthing is not new, but rather a rebirth of the philosophy of birthing as it existed thousands of years ago. In the absence of fear and tension, severe pain does NOT have to be a natural accompaniment of labor. Mothers to be and their birthing companions will experience their birthing in an atmosphere of calm relaxation, free of the fear and tension that prevents the muscles of your body from functioning as nature intended them to. In this calm state the body's natural anesthesia, endorphins, replaces the stress hormones the constrict and cause pain.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Classes are offered Wednesday Evenings in five 2 1/2 hour sessions scheduled throughout the year. Weekend accelerated classes are available on request.

HypnoBirthing classes are done individually or in small groups depending on the needs of those involved.





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