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Catharine Elliott



box 1265 1 University PL
Lamoni, IA 50140
United States
T: 641 784 5360


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Living Art Retreats - Catharine Craig Elliott


Living Art Retreat Planning - Spiritual Growth and Holistic living

Sowing Sacred Seeds

June 2nd - 7th, 2006

Graceland University - Lamoni, IA

We all have "sacred seeds" from the Divine, planted within us, to discover, nurture, and grow: seeds of greater connectedness with nature, our bodies, minds, and each other. With the rising use of technology our lives are bombarded in almost every area. The ability to maintain a healthy balance has become an even greater challenge.

This retreat encourages the rediscovery and nurturance of these seeds through exploration of various methods of healing and holistic education. Our desire is that each student will sow and cultivate what they learn, thereby impacting their communities and enhancing the world around them.

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Friday - June 3, 2006
7:00pm - 9:00pm
Getting to Know You Activity

Saturday - June 3, 2006

Block 1 (10:45am-11:45am)
  • Awakening the Artist Within

  • Introduction to 'A Course in Miracles'

  • Autistic Spectrum: Learning Disabilities and the Nutritional Connection

  • Hypnosis for Positive Life Change

  • Block 2 (1:45pm-3:00pm)
  • Reflexology (Two Block Class)

  • Healing Encounters (Two Block Class)

  • Reiki I (Two Block Class)

  • The Way of the Vision Quest (Two Block Class)

  • Vipassana

  • Autistic Spectrum: Learning Disabilities and the Nutritional Connection

  • Block 3 (3:30pm-4:45pm)
  • Abhyanga

  • Hypnosis for Positive Life Change

  • Saturday Evening Activity
  • Trail of Virtues: Candlelit walking meditation




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