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2mile jewelry


The 2mile is a fusion of pop art and the subliminal, resin based jewelry, unique, affordable. Each are one of a kind, unique. From sushi to pin up girls, crazy words to lovely flowers, each on either a leather choker or a wire with a stylish clasp.

Profile and Credentials        

I started making jewelry a couple years ago. I studied fine art and have tried almost every medium from photography to art metal welding, but I am drawn to the simplicity of the pieces.

Philosophy and Comments        

If it catches my eye, makes me smile or makes me cry It can be a necklace. A work of art, that you wear.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

If you are looking for a specific design please ask. I have far too many to list on here. They are $20.00 each or 2 for $35.00. I do special orders if you need something in particular.





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