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Emanuel M. Winocur



California B.P.P.V.E. Lic.#58669685
Oceanside, CA 92054
United States of America
T: 760/433-0220
F: 231-1264


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Dr. Emanuel M. Winocur, Director/Proprietor


Knowledge is a weapon of mass-instruction that assist people.

Paralegal & Business Learning Center [Online] was developed to provide a California's compliant school for future Paralegals professionals; a school that provides unlimited access to legal and business educational programs hosted by us and 3rd party providers.

Students are able to customize their personalized calendar, to reply, and give feedback on their chosen targeted educational programs. One of many features includes, a pre and post chapter lesson survey designed to provide the busy student with a platform to submit feedback on information and event satisfaction.

Understanding the needs of busy students and the resources devoted by the legal industry inspired this innovation as one of a kind service that can only be imitated by others. Paralegal & Business Learning Center [ONLINE], based in San Diego County, CA has partnered with Information Technology Professionals to provide a variety of IT solutions for the legal professional.

Our Program satisfies requirements of California Business and Professions Code, Chapter 5.6 in the field of Practice as Legal Assistants and Paralegals.

Profile and Credentials        

Our Service Model

Pragmatic Execution and Disciplined approach:

Vocation to Professional Career

Aligning our teachings with Law-specific objectives and metrics

Solution Focus — process, people and enabling technology

100% unconditional satisfaction guarantee

Full support

This online-study course presents the basic principles of the Paralegal Practice as listed in the Profession Code of California and the American Bar Association, including the prohibitions.

This course is not meant to be a replacement for studying the laws from the original sources. It is, however, designed to be an aid in understanding, remembering, and applying the detailed laws, rules, procedures and regulations as a pertain to the practice of a Professional Paralegal or Legal Assistant. Questions that arise concerning matters not explicitly dealt with in this Educational Program should be referred to a competent authority.


P.& B.L.C., provides integrated e-mail, web-based, CDRoms, DVDs, and printed matter by regular mail for the professional student in-training. Our team of experienced personnel bring years of industry experience together to create a solution to fit your budget and time needs. Some of our services include:

Our state of the art web site designed to provide a single, secure portal for education providers, looking to connect with students that are seeking a convenient and efficient way to fulfill educational needs. P.B.L.C., results in an optimization of time and resources for both the teachers and the students . Our web service reduces program expenditures, traveling exposure and ensures compliance to the Law and educational guidelines. P.B.L.C., creates a true win-win solution, utilizing experienced professionals that will get the job done on time and with complete professionalism.

Philosophy and Comments        

PARALEGAL & BUSINESS LEARNING CENTER [ONLINE], and its employees, agents, and assigns (hereafter P.B.L.C.) are NOT engaged in the practice of law and cannot provide you with legal advice.

If you should decide that your particular situation requires the rendering of legal advice, please contact a licensed attorney in the appropriate jurisdiction.

Being a leader in the Paralegal field requires certain qualities. A leader exhibits self-discipline, initiative, confidence and intelligence. They are mentally fit and can perform under work pressures. Leaders make decisions quickly, always focusing on completing the mission successfully, and show respect for their subordinates and other co-workers. Leaders lead from the front and adjust to environments that are always changing. They are judged by their ability to make decisions on their own, within their job description and bear ultimate moral responsibility for those decisions.

Professional Paralegals may continue to specialize and serve in the Legal Field at ever increasing levels of leadership and responsibility.

Responsibilities of a Paralegal may include:

Managing a part of a Legal Office, installation , or larger Legal Firms Services.

Coordinating employment of secretaries, clerks, etc. at all levels of responsibilities, from company to division level and beyond, and multi-national operations.

Developing manuals, organizations and equipment for unique legal missions.

Instructing skills to less trained employees.

Serving as in-office advisor to others, as assigned by the employer .

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Home Based Education (at distance). At your own pace.


In great demand and growing. Reasonable income possibilities.
Information: online@paralegallearning.com
Paralegal Program: Total Hours: 384 Total Credit Units: 25.6
Registration fee: (nonrefundable) $ 100.00
STRF Fee (nonrefundable) $ 7.20
Tuition: $ 2880.00
Books: included
.TOTAL: $ 2987.20
Individual course fee: $425Legal Secretary Program Total Hours: 336 Total Credit Units: 22.4Registration fee: (nonrefundable) $ 100.00
STRF Fee (nonrefundable) $ 6.30Tuition: $ 2520.00
Books: (included) .TOTAL: $ 2626.30
Individual course fee: $425
Medical Office Assistant Program Total Hours: 288 Total Credit Units: 19.2Registration fee: (nonrefundable) $ 100.00
STRF Fee (nonrefundable) $ 5.40
Tuition: $2160.00
Books: (included) .
TOTAL: $ 2265.40
Individual course fee: $425
Business Office Assistant Program: Total Hours: 288 Total Credit Units: 19.2Registration fee: (nonrefundable) $ 100.00
STRF Fee (nonrefundable) $ 540.00 Tuition: $ 2160.00
Books: (included) .
TOTAL: $ 2265.40
Individual course fee: $425
All of the following are included with your tuition: · In depth, instructor led, study courses in each subject of training. These courses, provide for extensive interaction and collaboration between instructors and students. Each class in each program lasts 6 weeks and includes all study texts, assignments and examinsations.· All educational materials necessary to complete your training. · PBLC placement assistance services.For Information on PBLC’s refund policy, please request information.

Paralegal & Business Learning Center Payment Plans
Tuition can be paid in four ways:1.
PLAN A - Payment in Full by check, money order or credit card prior to the first day of class. Visa and MasterCard are currently accepted.2.
PLAN B - 30, 60, 90 Day, No-Interest Payment Plan: In this plan, students pay 25% of the total tuition cost prior to the first day of class. The remaining tuition balance is broken down into three equal payments due on the first of each month following the commencement of classes. A $35.00 administration fee is charged. There is no interes.
PLAN C: Payment per course: Students may elect to pay for each course individually in the selected program of training. The individual course fee is $425 per course regardless of the program of training chosen.
PLAN C - PBLC PAYMENT PLAN: 12 monthly payments, commencing on the date of enrollment as follows: Paralegal Program: $260 per monthLegal Secretary Program: $230 per monthMedical Office Assistant: $200 per month; Business Office Administrator: $200 per month; Other Financing: If you are unable to meet the monthly requirements of the above payment plans, please contact our business office at (760) 433-0220 for other options.
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The Examination - Eligibility Requirements        

To be eligible for graduation examination, a student must meet the following requirements: 1.Completion of the Legal Assistant Program or Paralegal that is Approved by the California State Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education A program which consists of a minimum of 25 semester hours (384 clock hours) of which at least 15 semester hours (225 clock hours) are substantive legal courses. 2. Successful completion of at least 3 months experience as a Legal Assistant Intern. 3. A high school diploma or equivalent plus experience as a legal assistant intern under the supervision of a member of the Bar, to have been completed within a one (1) year period prior to the examination date.Examination subjects: Communication, Ethics, Legal Research, *Human Relations and Interviewing Techniques, Judgment & Analytical Ability, *Legal Terminology, Substantive Law - This section consists of five mini-examinations covering (1) the American Legal System and four (4) of the areas listed below as selected by examinees: Administrative Law, Bankruptcy, Business Organizations/Corporations, Contracts, Family Law, Criminal Law and Procedures, Litigation, Probate and Estate Planning, Real Estate. Human Relations and Interviewing Techniques are combined with the Communications section; Legal Terminology section are included in the Substantive Law Section.

Definition of Legal Assistant·/ Paralegal        

Definition of Legal Assistant·Paralegal: Legal assistants and paralegals are individuals who assist lawyers in the delivery of legal services. Legal assistants and paralegals cannot give legal advice to consumers of legal services. Legal advice may only be relied upon if given by an attorney. All states require attorneys to be licensed and most have statutes imposing penalties for the unauthorized practice of law. The following definition was adopted by the NALA membership in 1986. Definition: Legal assistants, also known as paralegals, are a distinguishable group of persons who assist attorneys in the delivery of legal services. Through formal education, training and experience, legal assistants have knowledge and expertise regarding the legal system and substantive and procedural law which qualify them to do work of a legal nature under the supervision of an attorney. In recognition of the similarity of the definitions and the need for one clear definition, in July 2001, the NALA membership approved a resolution to adopt the definition of the ABA as well. The ABA definition reads as follows: A legal assistant or paralegal is a person qualified by education, training or work experience who is employed or retained by a lawyer, law office, corporation, governmental agency or other entity who performs specifically delegated substantive legal work for which a lawyer is responsible. (Adopted by the ABA in 1997)


This program prepares students with comprehensive skills for an entry-level position as a Paralegal. The program is designed to provide students with an understanding of the legal system referencing the law office through the California and Federal Court Systems and local agencies. The student will develop a thorough knowledge and skill level in Family Law, Property Law, Business Law, Legal Writing and Procedures, and Torts. In addition, the student will develop a proficiency in keyboarding and word processing, as well as research skills using the Internet and other legal research systems.

Our curriculum covers the basics and is practical and realistic. We have
eliminated courses that you do NOT need or will never be able to use such as
Evidence, Paralegalism, Constitutional Law and Legal Terminology.
Legal terminology will be an ongoing part of every course you take, thus, you do not need a separate course to teach you terms out of context. Some of the other courses listed above are courses that you will not be called upon to use in your practice as a professional paralegal. The primary focus of this program is to give you the basic understandings of areas you will address most often with emphasis and focus on your ability to prepare legal documents.

Because of the nature of the law business and its constant demand to meet deadlines, you cannot expect to be trained "on-the-job". The skills you bring to the interview are your greatest asset. Thus we end our course with a practicum where you will be preparing numerous legal documents in class just as you will be expected to do on the job. You will receive memoranda from your employer with instructions on what you are expected to prepare.
This practical focus in PBLC's training is exactly what you need to know to be a valuable member to any legal team! And, upon completion, you will not only have your Certificate, but you will have a notebook full of complex, well-drafted documents to impress any potential employers!


a.. American Jurisprudence - The American Legal System
b.. Torts & Personal Injury
c.. Business and Contract Law
d.. Family Law
e.. Criminal Law
f.. Civil Litigation
g.. Legal Research & Writing
h.. Legal Writing Practicum
a.. Wills, Trusts and Estates
b.. Online Legal Research

CLA Review Course        

This course is designed to assist applicants preparing for the Certified Legal Assistant (CLA) Exam. It is based on the CLA Review Manual and the CLA Study Guide and Mock Examination, and reviews all of the topics covered in each section and subsection of the examination. The course is comprised of eight units of topical coverage, each lasting one week. The ninth unit is timed, self-administered, abbreviated mock CLA exam consisting of 525 questions. Students will assess their strengths and weaknesses in each exam topic by taking a pre-test at the beginning of every unit. Discussions will focus on any problem areas that are revealed in the pretests and on any new material that is introduced in the unit reading. At the end of each unit, students will take a post-test made up of sample test questions to reinforce their knowledge of the subject matter and to acquaint them with the timing and types of questions that appear on the CLA exam. This course is restricted to qualified Alumni.

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