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Patricia Anne Christensen



Østerbrogade 216, 1 mf
Copenhagen, DK-2100
T: +4539204601


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Crossroads Counselling & Communication


Patricia Anne Christensen offers Channelled guidance and Shiatsu/Healing sessions in Copenhagen; Channelled guidance also by phone, e-mail and post. Also sale of own book of poems (part English, part Danish): "Frihed til at Elske" (Freedom to Love)incl. watercolours by author.

Profile and Credentials        

University education (UK). Former WHO employee. Ongoing personal and spiritual development (incl. A Course in Miracles) and holistic treatment courses (see website for more details).

Philosophy and Comments        

While continuing to grow personally, my wish is to provide help for self-help to those in crisis, pain, or who find themselves at a crossroads in life. I believe that our natural state of being is pure love and that all we really need to do is to be willing to let go of our resistance to love.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Flexible working hours, but no calls before 8 am or after 9 pm (GMT + 1 hr.) Shiatsu/healing (2 hrs): 500 D.kr. Channelled guidance (1-1½ hrs) in person or by phone: 500 D.kr. plus tape. Written channelled guidance by mail or post (approx. 2 x A4): 350 D.kr. Book of poems: 98 D.kr. All prices incl. VAT (moms). Bank charge added for payments from abroad: 50 D.kr.





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