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Patricia Greco


Groton, MA 01450
United States
T: 978.448.5018


Patti Greco makes you feel safe enough?.to leap!


Patti Greco acts as Intuitive Counsel, Soul Coach, and Catalyst to help her clients across the US find their own life invitations. Authentic. Meaningful. Heart-breaking and magical. That is your life story and Patti Greco is your psychic storyteller. Patti offers spiritual consultations for Soul Growth in all the ?houses of your life.? Through deep telephone consult and multi-layered psychic writing and clairvoyant art, her visionary readings reach the essence in you that wants to leap forward!

Patti Greco?s intuitive guidance starts from a place that honors ?creative thought,? and a life-long belief in miracles. She is an avid reader of The Seth Material, which delights in the freedom of knowing we don?t have to buy into mass consciousness. She provides compassionate guidance for anyone who wants to step off of that cliff! She has a BA in English & Creative Writing, and a Masters in Psychic Development from The Aquarian Center in CT with a 20-year background in spiritual transformation. Her offerings include: The Soul Story Reading, The Past Life(Akashic Records) Reading, Multidimensional Card Email Reading, Cameo(Email) Reading, Faerie/Devic Email Reading, Intuitive Dream analysis, Spiritually Conscious Business Readings, Journal Coaching, and more. Call Patti at Greco Writing 978.448.5018 or email grecowriting@verizon.net for appointment.

Profile and Credentials        

Patti Greco helps clients feel safe enough to leap -- into the unknown! Since 1985, professional clients, business owners, and artists of all genres have made life-affirming changes using Patti's Intuitive Readings, based on her psychic writing. She has a refreshing ability to tap into Past Lives -- the Akashic Records -- to support the Soul's development. She brings a compassionate warmth to her service as a Clairvoyant Consultant. She has a BA in English and Creative Writing and a Masters in Psychic Development from the Aquarian Center in CT, where she studied under nationally-known Astrologer/Psychic Jean Loomis, MS and the late Jean Saunders, MA, psychologist/Jungian Dream Analyst. It is there that Patti began on her own path of personal transformation. She is a graduate of the Advanced Art of Living Courses by Pundit Ravi Shankar, a spiritual master from Bangalore, India. A student of the Course in Miracles and a rebirthing graduate, Patti has studied extensively, including hatha yoga, Body Harmony, and many forms of energy work.

Patti Greco is in her first year as a Runic Seer, studying the Viking Runes at a very deep level under Ragnar of The Denali Institute in Alaska. She has created her own set of Viking Runes made from hand-collected stones she has gathered over the years. Patti is a lover and reader of natural stones and rocks. Her hand-painted rune set has been energized in multiple shaman circles, where she gathers in community studying shamanism and nature under New England Shaman Steve Wilson. Patti has been working with healing energy for years under the guidance of Connecticut's wonderful Dr. Eilis Philpott of Soul 2 Soul Angelic Healing. Patti's intensive studies of how energy moves and works catalyze all her readings for you, her clients and many clients have commented on feeling this work.

Philosophy and Comments        

Patti Greco's intuitive guidance starts from a place that honors 'creative thought,' and a firm belief in miracles. She has a deep love of The Seth Material, and the freedom of knowing we don't have to buy into mass consciousness.She provides wonderful guidance for the self-employed, and anyone wanting to step off that cliff! She is also a passionate advocate of holistic health and the body as self-healing. "I believe everyone is an artist in their own way. I'm here for those clients truly willing to change their lives for the better -- in work, love and your Soul's mission."

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Weekday and weekend hours available -- by pre-appointment only. Please call 978.448.5018(EST) to set up a phone consultation, or email grecowriting@verizon.net to set up an email reading. The Soul Story Reading OR The Past Life Reading are $189 each. They include a channeled book, cassette tape of the hour and 15 min. phone consult, a Clairvoyant Drawing of the Soul, S/H, and cost of the reading's phone call. MC, VISA and American Express accepted. The Emailed Multidimensional Card Reading is $75. and the Emailed Cameo reading, which includes 2 pages of psychic writing is $45. Checks and money orders must be received at least one week prior to phone consult.

Patti Greco Offers Intuitive Dream Analysis by Email        

If you received a $10,000 check in the mail, you?d cash it, wouldn?t you? Yet most people receive ?dream mail? they don?t ever open. Our dreams are powerful messages from our unconscious. Whether we unwrap this gift is up to us. Patti's Intuitive Dream Analysis by email can introduce you to the way dreams speak to us. Once you get used to this form of communication from your own Spirit, you will have a brand-new key to improving your waking life. Do you have a dream that's been intriguing or bothering you? Go to soul-stories.net, visit our shopping cart and order dream analysis, which will be sent to you by email. Don't forget to send a separate email to grecowriting@verizon.net with a description of your dream.

Patti Greco's Intuitive Writing Reaches The Soul That Soars        

Patti Greco's self-published Tall Thoughts Trilogy reaches the Soul ready to soar. Clients have made remarkable changes in their work and personal life using Patti's Intuitive Sessions and her published writing. The Tall Thoughts meditative card box of 120 powerful one-liners has found its way into the hearts of many across the US. It makes a delightful holiday stocking stuffer and gift, at $16(including s/h). Tall Thinking: The Book is available through our website for $10 as an email book.

And Tall Talk, the CD at $15 is a co-creation by Patti Greco and Steve Wilson, shamanic healer, that reaches you at a very deep level through sound. A 30-year professional writer, Patti Greco has written about various aspects of spirituality and metaphysics.

Psychic Coaching, Journal Work and Creativity Coaching        

Patti Greco works with clients throughout the year, using her Intuitive Background to coach them via regular Phone Coaching Sessions. These are tailored to each client's highly individualized need(both in regularity and length of the session). These intuitive dialogues follow, enhance and catalyze the creative path of the client. Patti is also available as a phone or email coach for anyone who has wanted to start doing intensive daily journaling as a healing tool, but needed guidance in this direction. Patti Greco has been a professional business writer since 1980, and is available as a freelance writer or columnist for select metaphysical and spiritual publications.

Psychic Photography        

Patti Greco has recently begun to receive psychic photos through her camera. These photographs capture her love of beauty and the

devic resonance singing through nature. Patti's photos transmit her intention of sending loving, healing energy to her clients and their Soul's Intention.

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