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Paul Conyette



2035 Elm st South
Tempe, AZ 85282
United States
T: 1-888-840-2057


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Dr. Paul Conyette. N.M.D. - Canadian Biologics Naturopa


General family medicine with special focus on cancer, heart disease, allergies, chronic fatige,and pain.Full use of all prescription controlled drugs,as well as all forms of natural substances such as herbs, vitamines and homeopathics. I also have an in office minor surgical operating suite, laboratory and dispensary. My clinic is equipped with a state of the physical therapy suite.

Profile and Credentials        

Canadian Biologics is the only clinic in Manitoba run by a Naturopathic Physician - Dr. Paul Conyette - who is also a Clinical Laboratory Scientist, a Doctor of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine and a Consultant in Rehabilitative Medicine. Dr. Conyette also holds a physician’s license for the State of Arizona.

The clinic is equipped with an FDA approved state of the art colon hydrotherapy instrument, the only one of its kind in Manitoba. Patients with chronic bowel disease, constipation, diverticulosis, parasites, yeast, gas/bloating, body odor, bad breath, fatigue, and malabsorption can benefit from this therapy. Disposable hospital grade tubing is used and the water is highly filtered. During this treatment the patient can actually see what comes out of them through a lit viewing tube. Colon hydrotherapy is a very comfortable treatment, where a person's dignity is prioritized.

Philosophy and Comments        

Dr. Conyette believes in educating patients about their illnesses, drug treatments, tests, and offers complementary advice pertaining to his own expertise. The nutraceuticals that are used at Canadian Biologics come from as far away as Germany and France, Ontario and British Columbia.

All services conducted at Canadian Biologics are insurance reimbursed by private insurance companies and are income tax deductible. Dr. Conyette emphasizes the importance of performing thirty chemistry and hematology tests on new patients and providing copies and interpretations for their personal files at home.

"People from varying backgrounds have heard about us mostly through referrals," says Dr. Conyette, "I have consulted with patients from Florida, Virginia, Switzerland, the Caribbean, New York, Ontario and British Columbia. I consult by telephone or I can make house calls." It is not uncommon to find Dr. Conyette on a Sunday afternoon driving two hours to treat a patient after a hospital stay. More often than not, typical complaints usually include chronic colds, fevers, arthritis, nose bleeds, fatigue, obesity, cancer, heart disease, constipation, ear infections, yeast, hypo/hyperglycemia, hypo/hyperthyroidism, high and low blood pressure, cholesterol problems, asthma, depression, post chemotherapy or post radiation therapy.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Initial internet consultation: $100
Follow-up consultation: $50

Locations include:

Tobago, W.I.

Tempe, Arizona
Yorkton, Saskatchewan

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Yuma, Arizona Brandon, Manitoba

Whistler, BC





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