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Peter Brown



Olympia, WA 98506
United States
T: 360-561-8772




Peter Brown


Peter Brown is an initiated Marakate in the Huichol tradition of the Sierra Madres and Granicero in the Nahua tradition of south central Mexico. Peter has a background in plant spirit medicine, flower essence and craniosacral therapy.

Profile and Credentials        

Initiated Marakate (shaman) Huichol tradition
Initiated Granicero (weather working shaman) Nahua tradition
Plant Spirit Medicine Lay Spiritual Healer
Certified Flower Essence Practitioner.
CanioSacral Therapist

Philosophy and Comments        

My many years of working within the societal structures to help people, I learned that the way that I can best help individuals is through one on one healing work. My many years of pilgrimaging and apprenticing and my continued travels to sit with my Elders in Mexico has afforded me the ability and the duty to work with the Gods and spirits for healing.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

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